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Wear the Correct Bra StyleWear the Correct Bra Style
There are ten types of bras - find the one that is best for your breast shape, size and the style of your various fashions.
Get a Comfortable CarGet a Comfortable Car
Bigger bodies need bigger cars. More tummy room. More leg room. More hip room. Do your research on the inside roominess and features for larger bodies.
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Check Out the GrandStyle Blog Check Out the New GrandStyle Blog
Quick tips and links to helpful info and tips for easy and (fun!) plus size living.

Determining Your Correct Bra Size Determine Your Correct Bra Size
Your bra size changes as you age or if you gain or lose weight. Are you wearing the right size?

Finding the Best Values in Plus Size Clothing Find the Best Values in Plus Size Clothing
Learn the online retailers with the best value - good prices, quality and selection.

Finding a Size-Friendly Vehicle Find a Size-Friendly Vehicle
Learn the roominess of specific makes and models of new and preowned vehicles.

Finding Seatbelt Extenders Find a Seatbelt Extender
Find sources for seatbelt extenders for your car or truck, or your next airplane trip.

Get Airline Tips for Large Passengers Discover How to Have a Comfortable Airline Flight
Learn when and how to book your flight and how to select your seat for a comfortable flight.

Learn to Sew of Knit Custom Fashions Learn to Sew or Knit Custom Fashions
Find patterns, books and tips on creating your favorite fashion items.

Top Ten Reasons to Give Up Dieting Top Ten Reasons to Give Up Dieting
Diets don't work and can be dangerous. Let the experts tell you why you shouldn't diet.

Finding Medical Products for Large Size People Find Medical Products for Large Size People
Discover sources for wheelchairs, blook pressure cuffs, MRIs and patient gowns for large size people.