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Shopping for plus size clothing for big & tall men or larger-size women can be very difficult. You need to find a retailer who provides high quality goods in larger sizes at realistic prices. Then, you need to decide what size to buy.

Whether you are shopping for a new shirt or a new chair, GrandStyle provides info to tell you what features to look for, where to shop and links to retailers chosen by GrandStyle editors.

tape measure

How to Figure Sizes for Hats, Gloves and Socks

Knowing how to figure sizes for hats, gloves and socks can be a real mystery when you are shopping for yourself or for a gift.

  • Who would wear a size 7 1/2 hat? Is a 7 1/2 hat the same size on the woman’s hat as a size 7 1/2 men’s hat?
  • Who would wear a size medium men’s glove and why is it bigger than a medium women’s glove?
  • What is a size 9-11 sock? Does that relate to shoe size? If so, what size sock should a woman wear if she wears a size 7 1/2 shoe?

What exactly do these size numbers mean?

How to Guide: Sizes for Hats, Gloves and Socks

The key to successfully measuring for hats, gloves and socks is the cloth tape measure. If you don’t have a cloth tape measure, just take the head, hand or foot measurement using a non-stretchy tape or string, and then measure the tape or string against a yardstick or metal tape.

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7 Plus Size Holiday Fashion Hacks Under $50

Is your #1 goal for plus size holiday fashion to look festive while you feel comfortable? It’s easier to achieve than you may think.

Easy Tips for Plus Size Holiday Fashion Under $50

  1. Include fun, but cheap, holiday-themed items in your wardrobe such as:
    – A graphic tee shirt from JMS.
    – Holiday socks from Target or Catherine’s.
    – A foil print tee from Lane Bryant.
  2. Add something fun to your wardrobe such as:red bow tie
    – A fun holiday bow tie from Macy’s.
    – A festive ribbon or scarf tied on your purse.
  3. Buy a few new items to wear with your existing clothes or under a jacket such as:
    – Catherine’s Black Label Velvet Shell.
    – Lane Bryant 3/4-Sleeve Shine Top.
    – Avenues’s Geo Corset Top.
  4. Add holiday cheer to your existing fashions such as:red bow
    – A red belt or scarf to a black dress, black top/shirt or black pants.
    – A red pocket scarf tucked into a sport jacket or suit pocket.
    – A red bow to add to a blouse or tank.
  5. Use existing accessories in a new way such as:
    – Add a holiday pin to your hat.
    – Hang a favorite pendant on a black ribbon from the yardage store.
  6. Add something sparkly to your wardrobe such as:glitter wrap
    – A red sequin tank to wear with your black skirt or pants.
    – A glittery wrap from Amazon.
  7. Add something red to your fashion choices such as:
    – Tie a red velvet or chiffon ribbon at the neck of a white blouse.
    – Wear a red scarf with your coat.

For more plus size holiday fashion ideas from some of GrandStyle’s favorite retailers, check out Men’s & Women’s Plus Size Clothing Sales. For more tips on enjoying holiday activities with style, check out Plus Size Holiday Tips: 15 Hacks for Surviving the Holidays.

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