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Size-Friendly Doctor and Nurse

How to Find a Size-Friendly Doctor or Health Professional

Finding a size-friendly doctor or health professional can be a daunting task when you are a larger person. For many doctors, their answer to all medical issues is “You need to lose weight.” Whether you are new in town, looking for a new doctor or in need of a specialist, one of the best ways to find a size-friendly medical professional is through the recommendation of another plus size person. Read More

Baby Carriers for Big Moms: Pros and Cons

There is no doubt about it – baby carriers are very convenient for both moms and dads. They make it easier to carry the baby close, while leaving your hands free.

When selecting a carrier you need to consider the size of the baby as well as the person who will be wearing the carrier. An ill-fitting carrier can be very uncomfortable; so, be sure to “test-carry” your carrier before you make your final decision. Read More

C-Section: Key Things You Need to Know

KMom, the online advocate for plus size moms, has compiled valuable information including key things a plus size woman needs to know if she is facing a c-section or if she is considering a vaginal birth after previously given birth with a cesarean.

C-Section Info from Experts

KMom’s info includes summaries of the research on cesareans for big moms, actual birth stories, sample birth plans and links to information from many of the experts in plus size cesareans and vaginal births after cesareans (VBACs). Read More