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Fun and comfortable plus size travel for big & tall men and larger-size women requires information and planning. You need to know what option will be the more comfortable.

Whether you are planning a car trip, an airline trip, a luxury vacation or a trip to a local theme park, GrandStyle provides tips and info to tell you what features to look for and what decisions to make to give you a comfortable trip.

airline seat pitch

Which Airlines Have the Most Airplane Legroom?

To have a comfortable airline experience you need a comfortable, wide seat and enough airplane legroom to avoid touching the seat in front of you.

Some airlines are size-friendly with wide seats and ample legroom. Other airlines are increasing the number of seats on an airplane to increase profits, making seating more cramped with narrow seats and very limited space between the rows. Some airlines, such as Delta, American and United, have created “super economy” fares which limit seat width, legroom and limit carry on baggage. Read More