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Wide Calf Boots Under $50: Where to Buy

You can find wide calf boots under $50; However, finding cheap wide calf boots in leather can be difficult unless the boot price is deeply discounted.

You will have a better chance of finding lower cost, high quality boots if you look for man-made materials. Boots under $50 that advertise “leather” may not be well-made and may only have a small amount of leather, such as leather trim. A $50 boot is a good investment if it is made from well-structured, man-made materials which will make it weather and water repellent.

Retailers for Wide Calf Boots Under $50

The boots listed below are available online at regular prices of $50 or less. These retailers may also have a selection of sale boots, some of which may be offered at prices less than $50. Also, don’t forget to look for big discount savings – like 40% off one item – which you can use to purchase your boot with even more savings.


Amazon’s boots are offered through third parties and, typically, offer low shipping rates. Amazon Prime members receive free shipping.

Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW)

DSW offers their online customers free shipping and free returns if the item is returned to a DSW store. offers free shipping on all orders over $49.

Boots are an investment because of their price. But, if you buy cheap wide calf boots, such as boots under $50, you might be able to buy a new pair every year, or buy more than one pair or add a fun rain boot to your boot wardrobe.

For tips on determining which boot(s) will fit your calf, check out our article Widths of Wide Calf Boots.

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