Plus Size Bra Fit Problems: Easy Hacks to Correct

You will have plus size bra fit problems if you wear the wrong bra size or style for your figure. For example, if the band is digging into your rib cage you might need a larger band size. But, if your problem is a sagging bust line, you might be wearing the right size; but, you just need to avoid styles with a super stretchy back or stretchy straps. They might feel comfortable; but, they don’t provide the support needed by many women.

Use a bra calculator to find out your correct bra size. Once you know your correct size, check out the solutions below for the most common fit problem.

Special Plus Size Bra Fit Problems

Band Digs In
Increase band size (i.e. 40D to 42D) to use the middle set of hoods, leaving some room to adjust bra as body size changes and as the bra's elastic relaxes over time. Wear a bra with a wider band.
Bra rides up in backTighten closure, loosen straps or decrease band size (i.e. 42D to 40D). You may also need to increase cup size to compensate.
Breasts not the same sizeSelect a cup size for the larger breast and fill in the cup of the smaller breast with an enhancer.
Bustline sagsShorten straps, avoid stretchy bra fabrics, wear a bra with firmer support and more rigid straps.
Cups overflowIncrease cup size (i.e. C to D) or band size (i.e. 40 to 42). Wear a bra with Spandex or wider sides.
Cups wrinkle at the top and sidesDecrease cup size (i.e. D to C)
Sides are too tightWear a bra with
Spandex or wider sides. Increase band size (i.e. 40 to 42)
Sides bulgeIncrease band size (i.e. 40 to 42). Wear a bra with more cup coverage.
Straps dig inWear wider, padded straps. Wear a wider band under the bust and more support around the sides. Decrease the bra/band size so the support comes from the band, not the shoulders.
Straps slipLift up breasts to the middle of chest and tighten straps. Wear wider straps or a bra where back straps are attached in a "V" shape in the back, closer to the center hook area.
Underwires dig in under the armsIncrease cup size (i.e. C to D). Try a non-underwire style.
Underwires stick out at the frontCause: A narrow chest and wide back. Decrease band size 2" (i.e. 42 to 40) and add a bra extender to provide the back width needed.

Want more info? Check out the Lane Bryant video on wearing the correct size and style of bra.