Helpful Links

Plus Size Fitness and Health

Rochelle Rice – Author of Real Fitness for Real Women
Spa World – Spa resorts, spa breaks, luxury spa packages
Zize Bikes – Bikes for every body

Our Many Roles As Women

ParentsCanada – Parenting site for all ages
Wardrobe For Opportunity – Help women dress for a job

Fun Stuff

Goddess Cards – Electronic cards of empowered women for all occasions
Abundant Travel – Premium vacations for people of all sizes
Walt Disney World At Large – Disney through the eyes of people who know one size does not fit all

More Plus Lifestyle Resources

Brylane Home – Extra large non-clothing products
Living XL – Oversize furniture, home and living essentials – Prescription glasses for all head sizes

References and Blogs

Big Folks Resources – Frequently Asked Questions
Plus Size Yellow Pages
The Savvy Senior – Links to info and resources for seniors
SeatGuru – Size measurements on airline seats

Size Acceptance

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA)
International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA)
More of Me to Love – Resources and Community
Don’t Tell Me What Size I Must B
Kim Brittingham Blog
Big Fat Blog
MaryMc’s Fat Acceptance

Plus Size Newstand

BBW Magazine Online
Plus Model Magazine

On-line Mailing Lists and Groups

Fat Diabetics
Subscription address:
This group supports diabetics who support fat acceptance, the belief that intentional weight loss is unnecessary. The list is an area where diabetics can discuss their disease without fear of the “lose weight or die” that some diabetics and medical practitioners support. They welcome participants who are diabetics, hypoglycemics, family and friends of diabetics, diabetic professionals, or other people concerned with diabetes who support fat acceptance. Age, gender, weight, and so forth are of no concern.
Sleep Apnea
Subscription address: [email protected]
Message body: Leave blank
For size-accepting discussion of sleep apnea and related issues — diagnosis, treatment, maintenance, and so on. All types of apnea will be considered on-topic. Weight loss as a treatment will be strongly discouraged.