Susan Weber in Venice

Living Plus Size: It IS Getting Easier!

I’ve never been a big complainer. If my steak is overdone, I usually don’t send it back. When the kid is out of control in the grocery store line, I usually don’t say anything about it. And, when the booth is a little too tight for my plus size body, I just head for the chair and table area in the restaurant. I guess I’m not much of an “activist.” But, I’m delighted to say that living plus size is getting easier!

I may not an activist; but I sure enjoy the results of those who have stepped up to the plate, vocalized their needs and were responsible for making it easier for all of us who are living plus size.

Great Products for Living Plus Size

Bigger Bike Seat

Biking was my favorite activity as a kid and I still love it as an adult. I tell everyone I bike for the exercise or to save the gas cost of going to the corner store. My real reason: The chance to see life at a much slower pace. (No more whizzing around the corner in the car and wondering “what were those great white flowers?” From my bike I can see their lavender center — key to finding them at the garden center!) But, I find that I need to curtail the length of my ride since my big adult rear end tends to go numb on a standard bike seat after a short period of time. Solution: An Easyseat II Bike Seat. It is a padded 2-part seat that alleviates numbness. Tip: Put one on your exercise bike too!.

Bigger Bike Helmet

I wear the biggest helmet I can find; but, I still feel like my forehead is in a vice. Solution: The Bell Kinghead Triton Bicycle Helmet, Now, if they would just make them in red!

Curved Shower Rod

I never seem to have enough room to twist and turn to my favorite 1970’s dance tune without the wet curtain being all over my soapy body. Solution: A curved shower rod that extends 6″ outward in the center. Now, with this rod and my current shower curtain, I have enough room to dance.

Instant Stain Treater

Now you can treat (and get rid of!) stains while you are still wearing the garment. No more need to live with that coffee dribble stain all day. Solutions: Shout® Wipe Plus towelettes and the Tide To Go can keep most stains from setting into your clothes. Keep one in your wallet, in the glove compartment, in your desk and in your luggage.

Bottomline: Don’t stop living because life doesn’t seem to fit your plus size body. Check out Living XL for a big selection of furniture, outdoor living, fitness, personal care and travel items designed for the larger body.