Plus Size Bra Fit Problems: Easy Hacks to Correct

Your bra won’t fit correctly if you have plus size bra fit problems. These problems typically are either you are wearing the wrong bra size or the wrong style for your figure. For example, if the band is digging into your rib cage you might need a larger size band size. However, if your problem is a sagging bust line, you might be wearing the right size; but, you just need to avoid styles with a super stretchy back or stretchy straps. Your bra might feel comfortable; but, it doesn’t provide the support you need. Read More

plus size fitness equipment

Plus Size Exercise Equipment: What You Need to Know

Plus size exercise equipment is designed to meet the weight support needs of the larger body. Exercise machines are constructed with stronger supports and connections. Inflatable exercise equipment have thicker sides and stronger seams. Equipment that requires seating, such as cycles, have wider seats that are securely attached to the equipment’s frame. In general, lighter weight equipment can buckle and break, often causing injury. Read More