Plus Size Clothes: Six Lifesavers for Fall

Hooray, it’s fall! Time for us to follow Mother Nature’s clue and shed our poor self esteem images and get ready to bundle ourselves up against the ravages of winter. But don’t just run out and start buying a new wardrobe of the fall plus size clothes.

I have found over the years that I’ve lost that compelling urge to run out and buy the newest, trendiest plus size clothes that the retail world has to offer for fall. But, I still find the need to make sure I have what I need for fall including the six lifesavers that I use every year to get me through the colder months:

      1. Avenue Owen Buckled Tall BootKnee high wide calf leather boots — There is nothing warmer and dryer than a good pair of boots. The good news for this year is that retailers are starting to realize that some of us have VERY curvaceous calfs and that we may, or may not, have a wide foot.
      Here are a few of my favs:
      Avenue’s Owen Buckled Tall boot is excellent for the woman with a wide foot and a wide calf. About $90.
      – Another great source for wide calf boots (lots of styles in sizes 5M to 13WW) is
      The cost of a good pair of wide calf leather boots is about $90-200. Sounds like a lot of money; but, if you care for them well, they should last you 5-10 years.
      2. Silky underwear – I’m not talking about skimpy little silky bras and panties. I’m talking a 2-piece set – a top and pants with long sleeves and long legs – to provide insulation in the cold, wick away any moisture and yet keep you toasty warm. These separates are also very handy for sleeping and for wearing under wool sweaters, minimizing any itch and slowing down the need for sweater hand washing. My favorites are the Cuddl Duds line, available from Just My Size (JMS) and Kohl’s. They are about $25-35 a piece; but, like good boots, they will last for years.
      3. Wide width socks – Here’s the bottomline on socks: We curvy ladies have curvy feet and ankles. Why hastle with tight socks? Give your ankles, arches and toes some room to move. Wal-mart, JMS and Lane Bryant have a growing assortment of size 10-13 socks for women. The problem: These socks are longer; but, not necessarily wider in the foot or bottom leg. So, I prefer to wear men’s socks. They are longer and wider than women’s, they cost less and are available in lots of colors and styles (check out the great holiday socks at Target!). Prices vary.
      4. Bike length Lycra® shorts – My curvy hips usually mean that my pantyhose and tights tend to start a fast slip down my hips and would be around my knees if I didn’t tug them up throughout the day. My solution: Wear a pair of knee length bike shorts over pantyhose and tights. They keep everything from slipping down (even if you wear slippery nylon panties!), they tuck in my tummy and they keep me warm.

      You can buy a pair for under $15 at Amazon or Wal-mart and toss them after 6 months if the waistbands start to pull out. Or, you can “investment dress” and buy a super well-made pair that will last you for many years from Amazon or

      5. Warm coat – Large size, stylish coats are very hard to find. So, we tend to settle on a utilitarian ugly coat that either keeps us warm or dry – but not both. Website and catalog retailers now have a terrific assortment of beautiful coats.

      Some of my favorite faux furs, raincoats, swing coats and car coats are from the Dennis Basso coats on QVC and the more casual coats on Catherines. Costs range from about $75 up. Tip: Don’t scrimp here. This is true investment dressing. Look for a coat that is multi-purpose (zip in/out liner, button on/off hood, etc.) to get maximum wear from your coat.

      6. Black pants – Why black pants? They seem to be the perfect starting point for any outfit. When I don’t know how dressy or casual to dress, I start with black pants + a solid top + a great shoe + two sets of jewelry in my purse (one casual and one with a little dressy sparkle if I need it!). So, needless to say, I have several pairs of black pants!!

So, open up that closet door. Do a little end-of-season clearing and get out your fall lifesavers. Have a great (and cozy!) fall.