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Size-Friendly Fitness Resolution: New Year/New You

Are you trying to make a size-friendly fitness resolution? Are you busy gathering tips about how to achieve a “New Year/New You”?

One question I always hear at the end of the year is “If I concentrated on building a ‘New Me’ last year (or for the past several years), then why do I have to concentrate on making a ‘New Me’ this year?” It’s a great question. My basic answer is always to concentrate on enjoying and enhancing your “Old Me.”

How to Make a Size-Friendly Fitness Resolution

For years I always started the new year with a huge list of all the things I was going to do differently. It seems that the older I get, the faster I give up on all my new resolutions as the new year progresses. But, in recent years I finally wised up and set some realistic, fun goals for myself. I think this combo of realism and fun is the “trick” to achieving new year’s resolutions.

For example, instead of resolving to:

Moderate fast food intake is a good size-friendly fitness resolution
Use Caution with Fast Food

  • lose pounds and inches or “get fit”, I resolved to eat healthier.
  • meet goals in an aggressive gym program, I resolved to get to the gym when possible and move my body more in my everyday life (i.e. park at the back of the parking lot, take the stairs etc.)
  • avoid needless spending, I learned to live a grand life on a “not so grand” budget.

It works for me! I’m eating healthier and not feeling deprived. I am moving more than prior years without beating myself up over missed gym appointments. And, I am enjoying the richness of life without sacrificing a sound investment program.

I don’t need to make a “New Me” for next year. I like the “New Me” from last year!

New Year/Old Me

I sure don’t want to think of myself as living in the past; so, I’ve decided that for next year I will enhance last year’s “old me.” If you spent last year working on yourself and your new found self-esteem, then you may be ready for some enhancement ideas to get you started.

Here are a few New Year/Old Me enhancement plans:

  • Buy Better Exercise Clothes – Lycra and Spandex are one of the best things that have happened to larger women…comfort, support and no more jiggling. These wonder fibers join with comfy cotton to provide super stretchy pants of all lengths for comfort and support while exercising and comfy supportive bras that keep our boobs in control during movement.

    Keep an eye on the Junonia, Just My Size, Champion and Casual Male XL websites to pick up some jazzy new t-shirts and comfortable pants for your active movement.

    Women should also pick up an underwire exercise bra that won’t squash your boobs and won’t create a uni-boob look (Junonia and JMS are great sources for fitness bras).

  • Get a Fitness Trainer – A few sessions with a fitness trainer may be just what you need to get your fitness routine started. Set goals with your trainer. After a few session you can exercise on your own. Then, schedule some follow-up time with your trainer to discuss next steps.
  • Get Moving at Home – You don’t need a 20′ x 20′ mirrored room to have a home gym. A towel on the carpet in front of the television can become your yoga studio or the base for your stretching exercises. A set of hand weights next to your favorite chair gives you a lot of easy, mindless arm and leg building while you watch TV. This year I plan to increase my mindless movement by riding the new stationary bike that I just purchased!
  • Decorate Your Self Esteem – Remember that your self-worth does not diminish as your weight increases; so, get dressed and go out. Whether it is for a meeting, a party with friends or to shop at your favorite stores, wear something that makes you feel terrific.

Formulating Your Plans

You aren’t still planning to create a “New You” are you? Instead, for the new year, why not consider celebrating the “You” that you became last year?

Implementing a size-friendly fitness resolution to be fit and healthy CAN happen for everyone…men and women at all sizes. Through GrandStyle we will continue to share ideas with men and women about building their self-esteem and we will provide our readers with the resources and tips to enhance that new self-esteem.