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4 Tips on Finding a Size-Friendly Car

Looking for a size-friendly car? Sit down! You can’t judge the roominess of a car from the outside. You need to sit in the car and drive it. That’s the only way you can see if there is enough tummy room under the steering wheel, enough (or too much!) legroom and if there is enough head room for all passengers. Read More

Plus Size Car: Features to Look For

The consensus on cars is: there is no consensus on cars. Everyone is shaped slightly differently, and what one large person loves, another large person hates. That said, here are some guidelines on buying a plus size car.

Test drive everything you can lay your hands on. Avoid preconceptions — check out all the cars in your price range. Once you find a car you think you like, try to rent it for a week or so. You learn much more about a car when you spend some time with it. Read More

Plus Size Cars: Size-Friendly Pre-Owned Vehicles – Manufacturers I-O

Finding Comfortable Plus Size Cars

This table shows the features of pre-owned vehicles and evaluations of various size dimensions of importance to buyers looking for plus size cars.

Car Make & Model2003 Front SeatOverall2002 Front SeatOverall2001 Front SeatOverall2000 Front SeatOverall
Infiniti G20Very RoomyAverageAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Infiniti I35Very RoomyRoomyVery RoomyAverage
Infiniti Q45RoomyAverageVery RoomyRoomyAverageAverageAverageAverage
Infiniti QX4AverageAverageAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Isuzu AscenderVery RoomyVery Cramped
Isuzu AxiomRoomyVery CrampedAverage
Isuzu Rodeo Sport / RodeoAverageVery CrampedAverageAverageAverage
Isuzu TrooperCrampedCramped
Jeep Grand CherokeeAverageVery CrampedAverageAverageAverage
Jeep LibertyAverageAverageAverage
Jeep WranglerRoomyCrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Kia OptimaRoomyAverage
Kia RioRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCramped
Kia SedonaCrampedVery RoomyCrampedVery Roomy
Kia SorentoRoomyVery Roomy
Kia SpectraRoomyAverageRoomyCrampedRoomyCramped
Kia SportageVery RoomyVery RoomyVery RoomyVery RoomyVery RoomyVery Roomy
Land RoverRoomyVery CrampedRoomyVery CrampedVery Cramped
Land RoverAverageCrampedCramped
Land RoverVery CrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Range Rover
Lexus ES300CrampedAverageCrampedCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Lexus GS300/430Very RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverage
Lexus IS300AverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Lexus LS430Very RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyRoomyRoomy
Lexus LX470AverageVery CrampedAverageAverageAverage
Lexus RX300CrampedVery RoomyCrampedVery RoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedVery Roomy
Lincoln AviatorRoomyVery Cramped
Lincoln BlackwoodVery Cramped
Lincoln ContinentalAverageAverageAverageAverageAverageRoomy
Lincoln LSVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyVery Roomy
Lincoln NavigatorCrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Lincoln Town CarVery RoomyRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomy
Mazda 626AverageAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Mazda MiataVery CrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
(MX-5 for 2003)
Mazda MilleniaRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCramped
Mazda MPVAverageVery RoomyAverageAverageAverage
Mazda ProtegeAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Mazda TributeVery RoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Mazda TruckVery RoomyVery RoomyVery Roomy
Mercedes-BenzCrampedVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedCrampedCrampedVery CrampedCramped
Mercedes-BenzVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverage
Mercedes-Benz S-ClassVery CrampedRoomy
Mercury CougarCrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedVery Cramped
Mercury Grand MarquisAverageVery RoomyAverage RoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomy
Mercury MarauderAverageRoomy
Mercury MountaineerRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Mercury SableRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomy
Mercury VillagerVery CrampedVery CrampedVery Cramped
Mini CooperCrampedVery Cramped
Mitsubishi DiamanteAverageRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Mistubishi EclipseCrampedVery CrampedCrampedAverageCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery Cramped
Mitsubishi GalantVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverage
Mitsubishi LancerRoomyCrampedRoomyRoomy
Mitsubishi MirageAverageAverageAverageCrampedAverageVery Cramped
Mitsubishi OutlanderAverageAverage
Mitsubishi Sport / MonteroAverageCrampedVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyAverageVery Roomy
Nissan 350ZCrampedVery Cramped
Nissan AltimaVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyLargeAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Nissan FrontierCrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedCrampedCramped
Nissan MaximaVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomy
Nissan MuranoVery RoomyRoomy
Nissan PathfinderAverageVery RoomyAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Nissan QuestVery CrampedVery RoomyVery CrampedVery RoomyVery CrampedVery Roomy
Nissan SentraAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Nissan XterraCrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedVery Cramped
Oldsmobile AleroCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Oldsmobile AuroraAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomy
Oldsmobile BravadaVery RoomyVery CrampedVery RoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomy
Oldsmobile IntrigueAverageVery RoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Oldsmobile Silhouette Very CrampedAverageVery CrampedCrampedCramped

GrandStyle also has great info on what features to look for in plus size cars in the article size-friendly car features. Read More