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Plus Size Car: Features to Look For

The consensus on cars is: there is no consensus on cars. Everyone is shaped slightly differently, and what one large person loves, another large person hates. That said, here are some guidelines on buying a plus size car.

Test drive everything you can lay your hands on. Avoid preconceptions — check out all the cars in your price range. Once you find a car you think you like, try to rent it for a week or so. You learn much more about a car when you spend some time with it.

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4 Tips on Finding a Size-Friendly Car

Looking for a size-friendly car? Sit down! You can’t judge the roominess of a car from the outside. You need to sit in the car and drive it. That’s the only way you can see if there is enough tummy room under the steering wheel, enough (or too much!) legroom and if there is enough head room for all passengers.

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Plus Size Cars: Size-Friendly Pre-Owned Vehicles – Manufacturers P-Z

Finding Comfortable Plus Size Cars

This table shows the features of pre-owned vehicles and evaluations of various size dimensions of importance to buyers looking for plus size cars.

Car Make & Model2003 Front SeatOverall2002 Front SeatOverall2001 Front SeatOverall2000 Front SeatOverall
Pontiac AztekCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomy
Pontiac BonnevilleAverageVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomy
Pontiac FirebirdCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedAverage
Pontiac Grand AmCrampedCrampedCrampedRoomyCrampedCrampedCrampedRoomy
Pontiac Grand PrixCrampedRoomyCrampedVery RoomyCrampedAverageCrampedVery Roomy
Pontiac MontanaVery CrampedRoomyCrampedVery LargeCrampedCramped
Pontiac SunfireVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Pontian ViceRoomyRoomy
Saab 9-3AverageCrampedCrampedRoomyAverageCrampedAverageRoomy
Saab 9-5AverageAverageAverageAverageAverageAverageAverageVery Roomy
Saturn IONRoomyCramped
Saturn L/LWAverageAverageAverageAverageAverageVery RoomyAverage
Saturn SCAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery Cramped
Saturn SLAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Saturn VUEAverageAverage
Subaru BajaAverageCramped
Subaru ForesterVery CrampedCrampedVery RoomyCrampedVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverage
Subaru ImprezaRoomyCrampedCrampedCrampedRoomyVery CrampedRoomyVery Cramped
Subaru LegacyRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCramped
Subaru OutbackRoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Suzuki AerioRoomyRoomy
Suzuki EsteemAverageAverageAverageCrampedAverageRoomy
Suzuki Grand VitaraAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomy
Suzuki XL-7AverageVery RoomyAverageVery Roomy
Toyota 4RunnerAverageRoomyAverageAverageVery CrampedAverageVery Cramped
Toyota AvalonCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedVery Roomy
Toyota CamryCrampedAverageCrampedAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Toyota CelicaRoomyVery CrampedRoomyVery CrampedRoomyVery CrampedVery CrampedVery Cramped
Toyota CorollaCrampedCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Toyota ECHOAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Toyota HighlanderCrampedRoomyAverageRoomy
Toyota Land CruiserAverageVery CrampedAverageAverageAverage
Toyota MatrixRoomyRoomy
Toyota MR2 SpyderVery CrampedVery Cramped
Toyota PriusCrampedCrampedCrampedRoomyCrampedCramped
Toyota RAV4Very RoomyRoomyVery RoomyVery RoomyCramped
Toyota SequoiaRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomy
Toyota SiennaRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Toyota SolaraAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Toyota TacomaCrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Toyota TundraAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery Cramped
Volkswagen Golf / GTICrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Volkswagen JettaCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedVery CrampedCramped
Volkswagen New BeetleCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery Cramped
Volkswagen PassatVery CrampedCrampedAverageAverageAverageAverageAverageAverage
Volvo C70/V70CrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedVery Cramped
Volvo S40/V40Very CrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Volvo S60AverageAverageVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCramped
Volvo S80AverageAverageVery CrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedRoomy
Volvo XC 90AverageVery Cramped

GrandStyle also has great info on what features to look for in plus size cars in the article size-friendly car features.

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