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Size-Friendly Fitness Tips: 5 Key Tips for Larger Bodies

Need some size-friendly fitness tips before you start a workout routine? Whether your workout involves a gym, a TV workout or the sidewalk, the key is to start slow and keep going.

Size-Friendly Fitness Tips

Here are a few size-friendly fitness tips to get you started with a new fitness program: Read More

Susan Weber in Venice

Living Plus Size: It IS Getting Easier!

I’ve never been a big complainer. If my steak is overdone, I usually don’t send it back. When the kid is out of control in the grocery store line, I usually don’t say anything about it. And, when the booth is a little too tight for my plus size body, I just head for the chair and table area in the restaurant. I guess I’m not much of an “activist.” But, I’m delighted to say that living plus size is getting easier! Read More