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Ask Susan!

Plus Size Summer Style: Cool Clothes and Sleeveless!

Plus Size Style from Ulla Popken: Classic Cotton TankLook out ladies. It’s time for plus size summer style. Warm weather is here … the time of year that a lot of curvy women hate. No more hiding behind baggy clothing. This is the season of bareness – bare necks, bare legs and, the scariest of all, bare arms. Read More

Plus Size Clothing: Where to Shop for the Best Value

GrandStyle has been the go-to source of shopping advice for plus size clothing since 1995, helping our readers find the best values in plus size clothes for men and women – good quality and good customer service, at great prices.

We are not into “trendy.” Our goal is to help men and women find affordable plus size clothes to make their busy lives a little easier. Read More

Susan Weber in Venice

Living Plus Size: It IS Getting Easier!

I’ve never been a big complainer. If my steak is overdone, I usually don’t send it back. When the kid is out of control in the grocery store line, I usually don’t say anything about it. And, when the booth is a little too tight for my plus size body, I just head for the chair and table area in the restaurant. I guess I’m not much of an “activist.” But, I’m delighted to say that living plus size is getting easier! Read More