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Ask Susan!

Size-Friendly Fitness Resolution: New Year/New You

Are you trying to make a size-friendly fitness resolution? Are you busy gathering tips about how to achieve a “New Year/New You”?

One question I always hear at the end of the year is “If I concentrated on building a ‘New Me’ last year (or for the past several years), then why do I have to concentrate on making a ‘New Me’ this year?” It’s a great question. My basic answer is always to concentrate on enjoying and enhancing your “Old Me.” Read More

Size-Friendly Fitness Tips: 5 Key Tips for Larger Bodies

Need some size-friendly fitness tips before you start a workout routine? Whether your workout involves a gym, a TV workout or the sidewalk, the key is to start slow and keep going.

Size-Friendly Fitness Tips

Here are a few size-friendly fitness tips to get you started with a new fitness program: Read More

How to Select the Right Bra Type

Basically there are ten types of bras. Each type is designed for a different body or style challenge. Here are the features and purposes of the various types and some tips on how to select the right bra type for your figure.

Bra Features: Select the Right Type of Bra for You

Bandeau Bras

This bra is constructed of a strapless elastic band of fabric. It sometimes has a thin halter strap. The bandeau style offers very little separation or support. Read More