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Finding Comfortable Plus Size Cars

This table shows the features of pre-owned vehicles and evaluations of various size dimensions of importance to buyers looking for plus size cars.

Is it time to purchase a new car and you are faced with not only finding a great deal but a car that is comfortable for you? We’ve compiled a list that should give you a start on finding transportation with a good fit.

It is impossible to know which car is going to fit any one body. A good example is the Volkswagen Beetle. From all reports, it’s quite roomy inside, especially for a small car. But, according to our resources, it is considered to be “Cramped”. Go figure. We vary a lot in shape. A 350-pound person who carries their weight around their stomach and hips may not be comfortable in a car that a 400-pound person with more even weight distribution would fit into perfectly.

In the end you’ll pretty much need to go for a test drive. This list is meant merely to give you a general idea of which cars provide more interior room.

The following table tells the general roominess of cars, pick-ups, and sport utility vehicles for the years 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000.

The first column beyond the car’s make and model is about the front seat; the second column gives you an idea of the overall general interior space in the entire car. For instance, the Acura MDX has a “Cramped” front seat but the overall interior is considered to be “Very Roomy.” The Chevrolet Trail Blazer has a “Very Roomy” head/leg for the front seat but the overall interior is considered to be “Very Cramped.”

These variations take into consideration back seats, but not cargo space. In other words, the MDX has a cramped front seat but your passengers in the back seat will be relatively comfortable. You are more likely to be comfortable in the front seat of the Trail Blazer but have limited space in the back seat.

Car Make & Model2003 Front SeatOverall2002 Front SeatOverall2001 Front SeatOverall2000 Front SeatOverall
Acura CLVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Acura MDXCrampedVery RoomyCrampedVery. RoomyCrampedVery. Roomy
Acura RLCrampedAverageAverageVery. RoomyAverageAverageAverageAverage
Acura RSXCrampedVery CrampedCrampedAverage
Acura TLCrampedAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Audi A4Very CrampedCrampedCrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedVery Roomy
Audi A6CrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedAverageCrampedAverage
Audi A8CrampedAverageCrampedVery CrampedCrampedRoomyCrampedAverage
Audi Allroad QuatroVery CrampedAverage
BMW 3 SeriesVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCramped
BMW 5 SeriesCrampedAverageCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedAverage
BMW 7 Series?Roomy
BMW X SeriesVery CrampedAverage
BMW Z3Very CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery Cramped
BMW Z4Very CrampedVery Cramped
Buick CenturyAverageVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageVery Roomy
Buick LeSabreAverageVery RoomyVery RoomyAverageAverageRoomyAverageVery Roomy
Buick Park AvenueRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyAverageRoomyAverageVery Roomy
Buick RegalAverageVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageRoomyAverageVery Roomy
Buick RendezvousAverageVery RoomyAverageVery Roomy
Cadillac CTSAverageAverage
Cadillac De VilleAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageRoomy
Cadillac EldoradoCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverage
Cadillac EscaladeRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyAverageAverage
Cadillac SevilleCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomy
Chevrolet AstroCrampedVery CrampedCrampedAverageAverage
Chevrolet AvalancheRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery Roomy
Chevrolet BlazerRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Chevrolet CamaroCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedAverage
Chevrolet CavalierVery CrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyAverageCrampedAverageRoomy
Chevrolet ImpalaAverageVery RoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageRoomyCrampedRoomy
Chevrolet MalibuAverageRoomyAverageVery RoomyAverageAverageAverageVery Roomy
Chevrolet Monte CarloCrampedVery RoomyAverage Very Roomy
Chevrolet PrizmAverageAverageAverageCrampedAverageAverage
Chevrolet S-SeriesAverage Very CrampedRoomyAverageAverage
Chevrolet SilveradoRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Chevrolet SuburbanRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Chevrolet TahoeRoomyVery RoomyRoomyRoomyRoomy
Chevrolet TrackerRoomyAverageAverageVery SmallAverageVery SmallAverageVery Small
Chevrolet Trail BlazerVery RoomyVery CrampedVery RoomyCramped
Chevrolet VentureVery CrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
Chrysler 300MCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedVery Roomy
Chrysler ConcordeCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedVery Roomy
Chrysler PT CruiserAverageAverageAverageVery RoomyAverageVery Roomy
Chrysler SebringCrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedAverageCrampedRoomyCramped
Chrysler Town & CountryCrampedVery RoomyCrampedCrampedCramped
Chrysler VoyagerCrampedVery RoomyCrampedCrampedCramped
Daewoo LanosAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverage
Daewoo LeganzaAverageAverageAverageAverageAverage
Dodge CaravanCrampedVery RoomyCrampedCrampedCramped
Dodge DakotaAverageCrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageAverage
Dodge DurangoAverageAverageAverageAverageAverage
Dodge IntrepidCrampedVery RoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCrampedVery Roomy
Dodge NeonCrampedAverageAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageRoomy
Dodge Ram PickupAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery Cramped
Dodge StratusCrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedCrampedRoomy
Ford Crown VictoriaAverageVery RoomyAverage RoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomy
Ford EscapeVery RoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Ford ExcursionVery RoomyVery CrampedVery RoomyVery RoomyVery Roomy
Ford ExpeditionCramped?CrampedCrampedCramped
Ford ExplorerRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Ford F-SeriesAverageVery CrampedAverageAverageAverage
Ford FocusRoomyCrampedRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyRoomy
Ford MustangCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery CrampedCrampedVery. Cramped
Ford RangerAverageVery CrampedAverageAverageAverage
Ford TaurusRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomy
Ford ThunderbirdCrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery Cramped
Ford WindstarCrampedVery CrampedCrampedCrampedCramped
GMC DenaliRoomyVery Roomy
GMC EnvoyVery RoomyVery CrampedVery RoomyVery Cramped
GMC SafariCrampedVery CrampedCrampedAverageAverage
GMC SierraRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
GMC SonomaAverage Very CrampedRoomyAverageAverage
GMC YukonRoomyVery RoomyRoomyRoomyRoomy
GMC Yukon XLRoomyVery CrampedRoomyRoomyRoomy
Honda AccordVery RoomyRoomyRoomyCrampedRoomyRoomyRoomyRoomy
Honda CivicAverageVery CrampedAverageCrampedRoomyCrampedRoomyCramped
Honda CR-VRoomyRoomyAverageVery RoomyRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Honda ElementVery RoomyRoomy
Honda InsightAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery Cramped
Honda OdysseyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery RoomyRoomyVery Roomy
Honda PassportAverageAverageAverageAverageAverageAverage
Honda PilotVery RoomyVery Roomy
Honda S2000Very CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery CrampedVery Cramped
Hyundai AccentAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCrampedAverageCramped
Hyundai ElantraRoomyAverageRoomyCrampedRoomyAverageAverageRoomy
Hyundai Santa FeAverageAverageAverageAverageAverageAverage
Hyundai SonataRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyAverage
Hyundai TiburonAverageVery CrampedAverageCrampedAverageVery CrampedAverageVery Cramped
Hyundai XG350Very RoomyAverageRoomyAverageRoomyRoomy

Information on the previous three years is included where available.

When purchasing a car, check the seat belts for proper fit. Most manufacturers will supply you with a free seat belt extender if the belt in the car is too short. If there is no seatbelt extender available for the car you are considering, reconsider the purchase.

GrandStyle also has great info on what features to look for in plus size cars in the article size-friendly car features.

Editor’s Note: The information provided in this chart and the other charts here on GrandStyle was compiled by Judy Sullivan, the author of the well-researched resource and size acceptance book Size Wise. We are reprinting the information on the older models with her approval. For information on the newest models, spend a little time at the library researching car measurements from sources such as the annual auto issue of Consumer Reports magazine. Another great source for internal car measurements is Jack Gillis’ annual research book, The Car Book 2016.

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  1. I’m 6’1″ tall, 400 pounds and drive a 2000 Chevy Cavalier Coupe. When I bought it I was around 320 and it was a good fit. At 400 it’s a little cramped but I don’t have my belly anywhere near the steering wheel. I tried the sedan, but it was Very cramped.

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