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Good health and a consistent fitness routine are key to plus size health & fitness, for big & tall men and larger-size women. You need professionals who understand the special challenges of building a larger body. You also need access to health equipment and products that function regardless of your size.

Whether you are shopping for a new doctor, a roomy blood pressure cuff or a fun way to exercise, GrandStyle provides tips and info to tell you what features to look for and examples of what will, and will not, be of help to you.

Big and Tall Bike

Where to Find Big and Tall Bikes

Finding and purchasing exercise equipment for bigger body fitness can be a daunting task. Finding sturdy big and tall bikes can be particularly hard if you don’t know where to shop or what features to look for. The adult bikes at most bike retailers are only designed for small to medium adults – typically up to about 200 or 250 pounds. Whether they are big retailers or smaller bike stores, most bike retailers tend to inventory bikes with frames, wheels and brakes which are not designed for larger weight or taller passengers. Read More