Costume with Cape

5 Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you are party hopping, trick or treating or just handing out candy at the door, you need a fun, comfortable plus size halloween costume.

How to Quickly Build a Plus Size Halloween Costume

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to build a costume. You just need to be creative. Here are some fun ideas that work well on all ages and all sizes:

  1. Identity Theft – Add various names to “Hello” adhesive-backed name tags. Generously cover your shirt or blouse with completed tags.
  2. Identity Theft

  3. Domino Couple – Cover a black top and bottom with circles of white in a domino pattern.
  4. Domino Costume

  5. Bag of Jelly Bellys – Add various colored balloons to a clear plastic bag and “brand” yourself with a Jelly Belly logo from your printer.
  6. Jelly Belly Costume

  7. Pumpkin – Decorate your big tummy with a pumpkin face. Great for moms-to-be.
  8. Pumpkin Costume

  9. Insurance Couple – A white apron, a red shirt and two name tags turn any couple into Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials and Jake from the State Farm commercials.
  10. Insurance Couple

Pick your favorite plus size halloween costume and enjoy Halloween.

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