blue tee for low cost plus size wardrobe

How to Build a Low Cost Plus Size Wardrobe for Spring

The real key to building a low cost plus size wardrobe is having clothes that work for you in a lot of ways. In other words — avoid buying clothes in specific “outfits” – instead build your wardrobe around mix and match separates. Then, use accessories to create many more looks.

Step-by-Step: Building a Low Cost Plus Size Wardrobe

To save money and to avoid buying clothes you don’t need, you need a plan of action to evaluate what you have before you shop for Spring and Summer clothes you don’t need:

    1. Go through your warm weather clothes, laying them out onto your bed.
    2. Give away everything that doesn’t fit.
    3. Wash and mend any problems.
    4. Sort the remaining clothes into two piles – the clothes you wear and those you don’t.
    5. Hang the clothes you wear back in your closet in categories – dresses, skirts, pants, tops etc. (Don’t hang them as outfits!) Be sure to include the clothes you plan to wear for travel.
    6. Go back and look at those clothes you don’t wear from #4. Hang them in your closet in their appropriate category next to the Spring clothes you plan to wear regularly.
    7. “Shop” through your closet and rethink combinations that go together.
    8. Make a shopping list of three or four items that, when added to what you have, will really give you a lot of possibilities. Like: A linen or linen-like blazer to wear with jeans, skirts, pants etc. A neutral-colored (black, beige or ivory) skirt that will go with two patterned jackets in your closet and three of your favorite print shirts. A necklace or scarf that has colors that will tie two or three separates together.
    9. Prioritize your Spring shopping list based on the number of possibilities each item will give you.
    10. Don’t try to buy all the items at once. Buy priority #1 item first, then, #2 etc. Need vacation clothes? Hold off buying them until your vacation.
    11. Shop the pre-season sales. Watch the clearance racks at Ross (great classic blazers show up for cheap at Ross, particularly early in the week!). And don’t forget vintage clothing. It’s great stuff that just needs a new home. Their are a lot of plus size consignment shops. Check your phone book.