Converting International Clothing Sizes to US Sizes

Understanding international clothing sizes and shopping has become significantly easier. Gone are the days when you had to travel to a foreign country in order to purchase a fashion item. It was a great way to remember your trip; but, it was tough to know what international clothing size to buy or have sewn or knit for you unless you tried it on.

Now you don’t have to get on a plane to shop internationally. A little web surfing and you can find all the fashion shopping opportunities you’ll ever need. Progress…not so fast. Now you still have the challenge of knowing what size to buy.

How to Convert from International to US Sizing

Luckily it is relatively easy to convert from international sizing to U.S. sizing. Here are a few guidelines:

Women’s Dresses and Suits

  • For US size, subtract 2 from UK size.
  • For US size, subtract 30 from European size.
  • (UK 28 = US 26 = Euro 56)

Men’s Suits and Coats

  • UK and US sizes are the same.
  • For US size, subtract 10 from European size.
  • (UK 56 = US 56 = Euro 66)

Men’s Shirts and Socks

  • UK and US sizes are the same.

Women’s Shoes


Men’s Shoes


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