Extra Large Hat: How and Where to Buy

Fact: It is very hard to find an extra large hat for a big head, sometimes impossible. Typically hats are one size fits all, which means heads up to about 22.” Some men’s hats come in sizes; but, the sizes don’t fit big heads. One size fits all caps for men typically fit up to a 7 3/4 and are usually sports caps with plastic adjustable strips in the back. Bottomline: Fun hats in lots of colors are hard to find.

Several retailers now offer larger hats in a wide range of useful and fashionable styles:

How to Measure for an Extra Large Hat

Whether a hat is marked “One Size,” or has a size (i.e. 7 3/4) or a measurement (i.e. 24 inches) the starting point is to measure around your head about 1 inch above your eyebrows. If you don’t have a measuring tape, pull a non-stretchy tape around your head and then measure it against a yardstick or ruler.

Every hat manufacturer seems to have a different sizing chart; so, be sure to check your head measurement against the size chart for the hat that you are considering.

Popular Hat Styles

Fedora Hat

Men and women enjoy the wind and rain protection of a felt fedora from Hats.com
Extra Large Hat - Felt Fedora

Cowboy Hat

Enjoy sun protection and fun style with a plus size straw cowboy hat from Big Head Caps
Extra Large Hat - Straw Cowboy Hat



Logo Sports Cap

Proudly wear the logo of your favorite sports team with a logo cap from Big Head Caps
Extra Large Hat - Giants Cap



Sun Hat

Look for a big-brim hat in a breathable fabric like the Scala cotton hat with drawstring at Amazon
Extra Large Hat - Big Brim Cotton Hat



Bike Helmet

Ride safely with a comfortable bike helmet from Big Head Caps
Extra Large Hat - Bike Helmet



Fishing Hat

Look for a comfortable, sun resistant hat in a durable fabric like the Bucket Hat at Big Head Caps
Extra Large Hat - Bucket Hat




Don’t settle for a “too small” hat that is tight on your head or requires you to wear it tipped up off your forehead. Measure your head. Find and buy an extra large hat you like. If you like the look and the fit, then buy several more from the same manufacturer. Enjoy!