plus size clothing donations

Plus Size Clothing Donations: Where to Donate

Plus size clothing donations are always in demand by social service agencies. They may have large inventories of women’s clothes; but, it is very common that their resources are slim on clothing sizes 16 and larger, plus size maternity clothes, socks for long & wide feet and wide width shoes and boots.

Next time you get ready for the next season and clean out your closet, wash up your lightly used clothing and shoes. Then, donate them to an organization where they can fill the immediate clothing needs of plus size women. And, while you are at it, purchase a few packages of panties to include with your donation.

Plus Size Clothing Donations

Have something to donate? Here are a few ideas for where your donation can really make a big impact:

  • Local Shelters – People in shelters usually don’t have a change of clothes. They may have left their past living situation in a hurry. Or, they may be on the move and can’t carry anything other than necessities. Whatever the reason, they would appreciate a clean change of clothes and/or a comfortable pair of shoes and socks.
  • Dress for Success – Women who are interviewing for jobs need appropriate clothing and shoes. The Dress for Success organization provides with job-appropriate clothing, jewelry and shoes. Jackets, skirts, pants and dresses are all welcome. Find a local Dress for Success organization in your area to learn where to take your contributions.
  • Goodwill and Other “Donations-for-Sale” Centers – “Donations for Sale” retailers, such as Goodwill and Saint Vincent DePaul, provide an assortment of second-hand clothes, accessories and shoes for plus size women at reduced prices. A woman can build a casual or work wardrobe for low prices.
  • Red Cross – After a disaster, the Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations are always looking for plus size clothes. They are particularly in need of larger-sized maternity clothes, wide-width shoes, large socks and nightwear.

Bottomline: Your plus size clothing donations can make a big difference in someone’s life.