plus size pants that fit from Lane Bryant

Plus Size Pants That Fit: Check out Lane Bryant

We all know that one of the hardest things to find are plus size pants that fit. We may try on several pairs until we figure out what style fits us best in a specific brand.

Shopping for Plus Size Pants That Fit

Lane Bryant makes it easy to find a great pair of pants that fit like a dream. And, because of their various standardized design types, its easy to figure out what style and size will work best for us with a Lane Bryant pair of pants. Results: Now we can buy LB pants that fit – no need to return and exchange.
LB has three pant collections that make fitting easier: the Sophie, the Lena and the Ashley collections.

The Sophie Collection

Lane Bryant Sophie Tailored Stretch Straight Leg Wide Pant

The Sophie Collection is designed for the woman who has somewhat straight lines from her waist to her hip. If you have less of a waistline but great legs to showcase, the straight or slim styles are going to be just what you’re looking for.

The Lena Collection

Lane Bryant Lena Tailored Stretch Trouser

The Lena Collection is for women who are moderately curvy from their waist to their hip. So, if you are a curvy woman who likes lots of room in her pants leg you would order either a trouser or wide leg style.

The Ashley Collection

Lane Bryant Ashley Sexy Stretch Boot Pant

The Ashley Collection is for the woman with a hourglass figure who is curvy through the hips and thighs.







What’s that…you’re only 5 feet tall or you are 6 foot 3 inches tall? Either way you don’t have to scour the racks for pants with the right lengths. Many of the Lane Bryant pants come in petite/short and tall/long lengths.

If finding the right style, pant leg and length aren’t enough, LB also has pants in lots of colors besides black.

So, get into that closet and give away all those pants that don’t fit your body! Now, LB makes it easy to find the best fitting plus size pants.