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Building a Plus Size Spring Wardrobe: Tips and Ideas

It’s that time of year when retailers are showing plus size spring wardrobe ideas (including pastels!) and you’re still trying to get the heater adjusted for winter! No, you haven’t lost your mind. It IS still too cold for gauze dresses. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on getting your Spring wardrobe ready for that first warm sunny day!

Get Ready with Your Plus Size Spring Wardrobe

While you’re cooped up inside fighting with the heater, why not use this time to unpack last year’s warm weather clothes and get your wardrobe ready for Spring, even if you’re not! You can get a head start if you:

  • Give away, sell or toss anything that doesn’t fit or that you didn’t wear last year. Toss stained and stretched t-shirts! Face it, mustard WILL NOT wash out!
  • Fix any loose buttons or ripped seams.
  • Check shoes for repair. Toss or give away any shoes you did not wear last year.
  • Hang your warm weather clothes in categories – pants together, skirts together, tops together, etc. (Divide the outfits and suits into categories!) Reason: This lets you “shop” through your closet and rethink combinations that go together both now and as a starter for Spring fashion.

Make a list of the basics you will need to replace. Basics that most often need replacement:

  • white pants, shorts and t-shirt (dump the ones with the mustard stains!)
  • navy or khaki blazer and slacks
  • camisoles for sheer tops
  • light-colored shoes and sandals
  • summer weight lingerie and hosiery

Build your wardrobe by buying “fill in” items to work with what you already have in your closet. Look for items that expand your wardrobe possibilities, not just a new outfit. For example: Consider buying a new blazer to go with your navy skirt and three of your favorite print shirts. Or, maybe your purchase should be a neutral color silk tee that looks great with your jeans and skirts.

Start looking through fashion magazines and search out those special ideas that match your personal style. You don’t have to be a slave to the fashion trends. But, whether you are at home or traveling, it is smart dressing if you look “up to date” in the way you dress. So, watch for trends and adapt those you like to your particular body type and lifestyle. For example, the v-neck tunic look is a great style for most curvy bodies. It incorporates a figure-flattering open neck and is loose with a tunic length that slides over your hips.

Consider a new shopping venue to add to your plus size spring wardrobe. News bulletin: The best deals ARE NOT in the big department stores or the small specialty stores! Places to explore:

  • discount stores (e.g., Wal-mart, Target)
  • off-price retailers (e.g., Ross, Marshall’s) for great deals on t-shirts, undies and hosiery.
  • television shopping (e.g., QVC, Home Shopping) for classics and up-to-the-minute trends
  • internet and fashion catalogs. Some of my favorites: Zully, Chadwicks, and Ulla Popkin.

Three Final Money Saving Tips

1. Shop while the inventories are highest. Buy what you need early in the season while it is still in stock. You can’t afford to wait … it will be out of stock!

2. Design your plus size spring wardrobe around basics. Pick longer lasting clothes in basic colors (like taupe/white/navy blazers, skirts, pants and shoes). Add color and print with lower cost wardrobe pieces (such as tops and tanks). Examples:

  • Matching jacket, skirt and pants in a basic color like navy, taupe, black or grey.
  • Silk shell or short-sleeved tops to match your jackets.
  • Comfortable pair of casual pants or jeans.
  • Solid color, loose fitting shirt that can also be worn as a light jacket. This will also be great for travel
  • Solid color, short sleeved knit or T-shirts in two to three of your favorite colors.
  • Weekend super casual outfit like a cotton flood-length set or sweats.
  • A casual, loose fitting dress or skirt and top set.
  • A special vest, blouse, top or jacket for Spring/Summer “dress up” or weddings.
  • Three pairs of shoes – one for skirts, one for pants and one for super casual.
  • A casual, fun hat.
  • A solid color lightweight coat or raincoat.

3. Spark up your wardrobe with current trends. Check out the new looks and colors. You don’t have to be a big slave to fashion; but, you should try to look updated … not like time has marched right past, or over you! One way to do this is to build a classically-styled wardrobe which you can freshen each season with new accessories and a few separates in the new looks and colors. Lucky for us plus size women, the look for Spring is often free flowing and less structured clothing. Flowing long skirts, longer tops, matching dresses and coats all look terrific on our larger silhouettes.

Now, get out there and get ready for Spring. It’s almost time to start worrying about the air conditioner! Websites, Pinterest and magazines are jammed with the new Spring cool fashions and looks.

Remember: You don’t have to spend a lot to have a great Spring wardrobe. No matter how casual or formal your lifestyle, well-made, coordinated separates and accessories will give you the stylish, together look that you deserve to have everyday, no matter what’s on your calendar.