Plus Size Bra Fit Problems: Easy Hacks to Correct

Your bra won’t fit correctly if you have plus size bra fit problems. These problems typically are either you are wearing the wrong bra size or the wrong style for your figure. For example, if the band is digging into your rib cage you might need a larger size band size. However, if your problem is a sagging bust line, you might be wearing the right size; but, you just need to avoid styles with a super stretchy back or stretchy straps. Your bra might feel comfortable; but, it doesn’t provide the support you need.

Use a bra calculator to find out your correct bra size. Once you know your correct size, you can either purchase your bra online, or you can purchase your new bra in a retail store. Wherever you choose to purchase your bra, be sure to first check out the common bra fit problems and get an understanding of the specific solutions that you should consider.

Special Plus Size Bra Fit Problems

If you think you are wearing the correct size bra, but it still doesn’t fit quite right, you are not alone. Many women find that they measure for a bra, find the bra with those measurements and then they don’t have the support or comfort they are looking for. This is because the style and construction of the bra must be considered as well as the band and cup measurements.

The following table lists many of the most common fit problems as well as tips on how to solve those problems:
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Want more info on common fit problems and how to solve them? Check out the Lane Bryant video on wearing the correct size and style of bra.