Plus Size Bra Fitting Tips from Lane Bryant

80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Most of them don’t know they are wearing the wrong size or the wrong style. Are you one of them? If so, you need some plus size bra fitting tips.

You may have purchased the wrong size bra to start with. Or, you might have purchased the right size bra but the bra no longer fits correctly. Your bra size changes as you gain and lose weight. Your size can also change as you age. The bra itself will change size with repeated washings.

Plus Size Bra Fitting Tips: How to Measure

Measuring for a new bra is not easy. You need to know what to measure, how to measure your band size and how to measure the cup size. And, to add to the bra sizing confusion, not all bras are made the same way. You might wear a smaller band and larger cup size in some brands and styles.

Need help measuring your bra size? Find out what you’re doing wrong (and right!) in this video from Lane Bryant. It shows the science and the art of bra selection. In just 4 minutes you’ll get lots of tips of how to measure for perfect fit and how to pick the perfect bra style for your needs. For example, did you know that women who carry their weight in their back will wear a smaller cup size than a woman who has the same cup size but carries her weight equally between her front and back.