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Quick & Easy Bra Calculator for Sizing

Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Use a bra calculator for sizing info to find out your correct bra size. Most women have worn the wrong size bra for so long, they have forgotten that bras can be comfortable! Life’s tough enough without your bra giving you a bad time!

Weight changes or the washing machine can play havoc on how your bra fits:

  • As you gain weight, lose weight or just get older, your bra size changes.
  • Bras stretch out and lose their support after repeated washings.

Do yourself, and your appearance, a favor. Don’t wear old, misfitting bras. Buy new bras every year. There is nothing like good fitting lingerie to give a woman “grand style.”

Using a Bra Calculator for Sizing

Bra calculators are easy to use. You just need to make two measurements and then add the measurements into the calculator. The calculator “does the math” and tells you the best bra size for you.

One of our favorite bra calculators is the one provided by Big Girls Bras. It is very easy to use. Just scroll down the screen on Big Girls Bras and look for the “Bra Size Calculator” section towards the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is enter two numbers – band measurement and bust measurement.

Here’s how to calculate your band and bust measurements:

  • Band measurement – While you are wearing a bra, measure across your chest and under your arm. This measurement will help the bra size calculator determine your band size. Special note: Use a cloth tape measure that will not stretch. Or, you can measure with a piece of non-stretch string, tape or seam binding which you can then measure using a yardstick, ruler or metal measuring tape.
  • Bust measurement – Measure around the fullest area of the bust to determine your cup size.

Just enter the band and bust measurements into the bra size calculator and you will see the recommended sizes for many American brands.

Get a Professional Fitting

If you are having trouble measuring, don’t hesitate to consult a professional bra fitter at a department store or a lingerie specialty store to make sure you are wearing the right size and the right style. The fitter can suggest special fabrics and styles to meet your particular needs.

For example, some women have particularly full or heavy breasts, but not necessarily bigger breasts. So, they may not need a bigger cup size. Instead, they should look for bras with special construction, fabrics and straps made especially for the “fuller” breast.

Need more help? Check out the video in this article to watch a Lane Bryant bra fitter demonstrating correct bra fitting techniques. Once you are ready to purchase a new bra, check out How to Select the Right Bra Type and How to Select a Plus Size Sports Bra.

Have bra that does not seem to fit correctly? Check out these solutions for the most common bra fitting problems.