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Summer Hats: Comfort & Style for Larger Heads

It can be really hard to find great summer hats if your head or hairstyle requires a larger hat. The standard “One Size Fits Most” hat only fits a head that measures up to 22 3/4 to 23 inches – this is a size 7 3/8 for men or a size 7 1/4 for women.

Good news: You don’t have to wear a hat that’s too small, rely on a plastic adjustable tab or spend a lot of money to add a hat to your warm weather wardrobe. There are online retailers that offer larger sizes in fun styles and a wide range of prices – Big Head Caps, and

Shopping Tips for Summer Hats

Finding the Right Size

Check out the sizing charts to be sure that you get a perfect fit.

Choosing a Flattering Style

Basically, a bigger body tends to look best in a bigger hat. Whether you are buying a hat as a gift for a woman, a man or for yourself, bigger bodies tend to look better in caps with longer visors and hats with wider brims such as a panama boater, a fedora, a boonie, or a breezer.

Bottomline: Don’t settle for spring and summer hats that don’t fit your head or your style. Wearing hats should be comfortable and you should enjoy the added style and sun protection of the hat.

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