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5 Surprising Wide Width Shoe Sizing Tips

Wide width shoe sizing and boot sizing can be complicated. It can be tough to know the difference between a “wide” width, a “C” width and a “B/C” width shoe, let alone a “DD” or a “2E”. And, once you figure out your shoe size, it can be difficult to find a retailer that carries shoes in your size. A few tips can help you find the styles, size and width you need.

Little Known Facts About Wide Width Shoe Sizing

  • Shoe Construction – Shoes don’t get wider just because they are longer. A 9 medium isn’t any wider than an 8 medium. It may feel roomier; but, that is just because you have slightly more room in the length of the shoe. If you wear a size 8 and your foot is wide, you need to wear a size 8 wide or a size 8 ww.
  • Mens’ Shoe Sizing – Mens’ shoes are typically wider than womens’ shoes; however, the shape of the shoe is different. The heel on a man’s shoe is wider, the vamp is wider and the arch support is designed for a flatter foot.
  • Arch Support – Wearing the wrong width shoe can result in a misfitting support of your arch. This can lead to a very uncomfortable fit and, in the case of athletic shoes, it can lead to foot injury.
  • Heel Width – Shoe width has nothing to do with heel width. You can have a wide foot and a narrow heel. If the shoe fits width-wise, but the heel of the shoe is too wide just have your shoe repair person add an insert to the back of the heel.
  • Foot Measurement – Your shoe size, width and instep can change as you age, when you gain or lose weight and if you don’t wear shoes with a good arch support. Have your foot measured every time you are ready to buy shoes. If you order online have your foot measured in-store before you place your online order.

Shopping for wide width shoes and boots doesn’t have to be an impossible adventure. Get your foot and calf measured so that you know your size. Shop for the specific length and width you need. Don’t “settle” for a shoe that does not fit your foot exactly. Return the shoe if it is not comfortable. If it is comfortable, buy the shoe in several colors. That’s all there is to it!