Size-Friendly Doctor and Nurse

How to Find a Size-Friendly Doctor or Health Professional

Finding a size-friendly doctor or health professional can be a daunting task when you are a larger person or it you have a large child. For many doctors, their answer to all medical issues is “You need to lose weight.” Whether you are new in town, looking for a new doctor or in need of a specialist, one of the best ways to find a size-friendly medical professional is through the recommendation of another plus size person.

Finding a Size-Friendly Doctor or Health Professional

Stef Jones, an online advocate and resource compiler for plus size individuals, has compiled a list of doctors and health professionals who plus size people have found to be size-friendly. You can search the list by state. Suggestions are also available for Canadian doctors and other health professionals.

5 Tips to Improve Your Doctor Appointment

Having a successful medical appointment starts with finding the right doctor; but, it also requires some actions on your part. For example:

    1. Ask Questions Before Your Appointment – If you know you have a special need, be sure to ask questions when you make your appointment. For example, ask if they have a large blood pressure cuff. They will have a large cuff if they regularly provide medical services to larger people.
    2. Come Prepared – Bring a list of all your medications to your first appointment…even the herbal supplements and vitamins that you take regularly.
    3. Communicate Clearly – Be ready to clearly express your medical issues and needs. The more specific you are, the greater the opportunity for the doctor to address your medical problem.
    4. Keep a Positive Attitude – Don’t become negative if your doctor or the doctor’s staff say something that upsets you. Ask for more details. Don’t give up. Keep the conversation positive.
    5. Ask Questions – Your #1 job at a medical appointment is to come away from the appointment with an understanding of your medical wellness and what you need to do to improve that wellness. If anything is confusing, ask for an explanation. Keep asking questions.

Finding the best doctor for you, and building a history with that doctor, is key for your health care. If you become unsatisfied with your doctor or your care, be sure to tell your doctor. If the doctor cannot address your concerns you should switch doctors. You need to be 100% satisfied with your doctor. Your health is worth it.

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