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Plus Size Personal Trainer: 5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Trainer

The best fitness trainer may not be an effective plus size personal trainer. To achieve success with a plus size or big & tall client, a trainer needs to know how to motivate the larger client and how to select fitness activities that will be effective to meet the needs of the client.

Once you decide you want the help of a personal trainer, you are looking for understanding, direction, motivation and fitness success. You are not looking for body shaming, unrealistic weight loss goals or embarrassing impossible body movements.

Even though personal trainers are usually certified in the actions required to successfully help a client, not all personal trainers have experience in working with larger-sized clients. The successful plus size personal trainer will know how to set goals, establish a fitness program and motivate a larger client.

Key Questions to Ask a Potential Plus Size Personal Trainer

  1. How important is weight loss? Avoid the trainer who wants to set a weight loss goal or who tracks success only by weight loss. Instead, look for the trainer who tracks your success by setting performance goals to become strong and fit.
  2. What will fitness do for me? Look for a trainer who responds with goals such as having more energy, being more mobile or feeling stronger. Avoid a trainer who uses fat shaming goals such as look better in your clothes, look younger etc.
  3. What kind of fitness equipment do you use? A plus size personal trainer will use a combination of low-impact exercise equipment such as a treadmill, reclining cycle, weight machine, exercise ball, chair yoga, and water aerobics. Avoid a trainer who wants you to do something that makes you uncomfortable such as lifting weights while laying on a mat on the floor.
  4. Have you always been fit? How can you relate to someone like me? Look for a trainer who talks about personal struggles that they have had. These struggles will help you decide whether you can trust them to understand how you feel.
  5. How do you motivate clients? Look for the trainer that starts with the easiest form or level of the exercise and lets you achieve this level before moving on to the next level. This will be motivating than telling you that they will develop easier versions of exercise routines that they use with smaller clients.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of a prospective trainer. You need to trust a trainer and the best way to build trust is to know what motivates them personally and what they plan for your fitness program.

To Increase Your Fitness Success

Once you decide on who you want to use for your plus size personal trainer, be sure that you are ready for your first session. Be prepared to wear comfortable clothes and a supportive sports bra. Check out the great plus size fitness books for more tips, ideas and goals to share with your trainer.

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