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Plus Size Holiday Tips: 15 Hacks for Surviving the Holidays

Looking for ways to keep your self-esteem and grand style in the stress-filled last months of the year? Here are a few plus size holiday tips to get you, your self-esteem and your style, through the holidays:

Plus Size Holiday Tips to Survive in Style

Avoid Stress

  • Family challenges – Set practical objectives for family gatherings. You can’t solve 20 years of family problems in one dinner conversation. When Uncle Harry body shames you about your weight, tell him “Thanks for caring” and then change the subject.
  • Holiday airline travel – Make airline traveling more comfortable by reserving an aisle seat. Avoid the back row of the plane (the seats don’t recline.) Take your own airline seat belt extender.
  • Dieting – Besides the fact that diets are bad for your health (and you’ll gain the weight all back — plus more!), Thanksgiving and the holidays are not the time to try a new eating routine. As with the other months of the year, concentrate on eating healthy. Try snacking on something healthy several hours before the Thanksgiving meal or the holiday party. It will make it easier to resist that extra piece of fudge.
  • Fitness – Don’t wait until January to get your stressed out body moving. Start walking right now. Put your favorite tunes on your mobile device and walk … don’t stroll … walk. Around the block. Around the mall. Or, walk in place in front of your TV – but, find something you like to do and keep moving. Movement is a great stress reliever.
  • Shopping – Avoid the malls. Go once to see the decorations and to give yourself a “shot” of holiday spirit. Then, come home and use catalogs, the Internet or television shopping. Don’t forget to try their “bill to/ship to” option and have your selections shipped directly to your family and friends. Some even gift wrap!
  • Parties – Hosting more than one get together at your house during November or December? Have them all within a four to five day period and serve the same menu and wear the same outfit at each. Then you only have to cook, shop and clean the house once!

Celebrate the Season

  • Holiday lights vs. safety – Not comfortable on the ladder hanging holiday house lights or decorating your Christmas tree? Hire a neighborhood high school kid for an hour and let him or her create your show of holiday spirit. You’ll get your decorations…and he or she will make some holiday dollars. Don’t go without the makings of a special holiday memory just because it is uncomfortable or unsafe for you to implement!
  • Holiday portrait – Have a holiday portrait taken of yourself to include in your holiday mailings. Here are a few “portrait” tips:
    – You don’t have to spend a lot — look for discounted sitting fees around the holidays or get an appointment at Walmart, Penny’s or Sears. (No, you don’t have to sit on a little chair with Elmo or use the same holiday props and backdrops as the four year old kids!)
    – Be sure to wear something you want to see yourself in for 20+ years – not just something that makes you look “slim.” (Yes, the camera makes us look heavier; but, if we’re already plus or super-sized, what’s 10 more pounds? It’s more important that you feel terrific in what you are wearing.)
    – This is not the time to try a new hair style or color or for you to shave off your beard.
    – Have fun with the photo — wear a hat or take your favorite pet!
  • Holiday concerts – Looking forward to holiday concerts; but, can’t deal with the cramped seating? Consider matinee performances. They are often not as fully attended, so you have more room to “spread out.” Always look for aisle seating so you have one side that is not jammed up against another concert-goer. Still not comfortable? Ask for an armless folding chair to be placed in the handicapped seating area of the theater.

Let Your Style Shine

plus size holiday

  • Holiday separates – Red, silver and ivory shirts and tops are great to “holiday-up” a pair of black slacks or a black skirt already in your closet. Add a pair of velveteen skimmer flats from Target, Walmart or Payless Shoes for less than $10. Can’t find the perfect red or green holiday camisole to wear under your black jacket? Try a fun, solid color tank top or cami from Lane Bryant or Avenue.
  • Holiday apparel – Buy holiday clothes early in the season while the selection is good. QVC, JMS, Ulla Popken and Target are great sources for reasonably-priced, plus size holiday wear. Want a holiday sweater?Don’t forget the hand knit holiday sweaters and vests from Target and Walmart.
  • Holiday party clothes – Looking for that perfect red or black size 32 dress for the office party? Check out Kiyonna, Ulla Popken, Sydney’s Closet and Lane Bryant.
  • Holiday jewelry – Found a beautiful holiday pendant but the chain is too short? Hang it on a velvet ribbon or cord from the fabric store.
  • Create memories – Don’t be afraid to create memories that incorporate your unique style.
    – Confetti in your holiday cards.
    – Bake dog and cat treats (holiday magazines have the recipes).
    – Give indulgence balls as hostess or office gifts. (Just fill craft store mesh ornaments with a collection of items to promotoe relaxation such as a scented tea candle, a few Hershey kisses, bubble bath capsules, a tiny sachet pillow or a gift certificate for ice cream or a bagel or a burger.)
  • After Christmas sales – Don’t let the after Christmas sales get the best of your grand style — or your common sense! Remember, if it didn’t look good on you when it was full price, it’s not going to look any better when it’s half the price.

Happy Holidays!