Big and Tall Bike

Where to Find Big and Tall Bikes

Finding and purchasing exercise equipment for bigger body fitness can be a daunting task. Finding sturdy big and tall bikes can be particularly hard if you don’t know where to shop or what features to look for. The adult bikes at most bike retailers are only designed for small to medium adults – typically up to about 200 or 250 pounds. Whether they are big retailers or smaller bike stores, most bike retailers tend to inventory bikes with frames, wheels and brakes which are not designed for larger weight or taller passengers.

Bikes sold as “plus bikes” at bike shops or sports stores are mountain bikes with oversize tires that make for a more comfortable ride on a mountain trail. The frames ARE NOT designed for larger riders.

Worksman Big and Tall Bike
Worksman Big and Tall Bike

Don’t give up! Bikes for heavier and taller men and women ARE available. Here are a few reliable sources for heavyweight bikes:

  • Worksman Cycles manufactures bikes with very sturdy frames and are very popular for quick door-to-door transportation in industrial, factory situations. They are available through
  • Zize Bikes manufactures both classic and electric bikes for a variety of passenger weights up to a 550 pound capacity. They are very well made like the Worksman Cycles.

Buying a bike is an investment in your fun, freedom and health. Buying the bike online means you won’t be able to “test spin” the bike before you purchase. To minimize returns, be sure you really think through what you need and want. The bike manufacture’s customer service people can be a big help to you while you decide which model and features will be best for you.

Big and Tall Bikes: Features to Look For

Whether you buy a standard or 3-speed style bike, you should be looking for these features:

  • Steel tube frame such as 16G in weight
  • Wide (at least 9″), thickly padded, dual coiled seat
  • Super strength wheels and (at least 26″)
  • Puncture-resistant tires and tubes
  • Thick spokes (such as 11 gauge stainless steel)
  • Warranty on frame and parts

Big and tall bikes typically are shipped only partially-assembled. They are not difficult to assemble. Or, you can call your local bike shop for assembly.

Exercise should be fun. So, get your bike and helmet and go out and enjoy the nice weather!

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