curved shower curtain rod

Plus Size Living: It IS Getting Easier!

Plus size living is getting easier. Restaurants have more seating options for bigger bodies. Outdoor seating accommodates larger bodies. Car seat belt extenders are easier to find. Furniture is designed to be more size-friendly. These changes and many new products are the result of many men and women vocalizing their needs and making it easier for plus size living.

Great Products for Plus Size Living

There are hundreds of new products…but, here are three that will certainly make your life (or someone else’s!) easier and more fun.

Bigger Bike Seats

Biking was the favorite activity of many kids and they still love it as an adult. Some bike for the exercise or to save the gas cost of going to the corner store. Others bike for exercise or to have a chance to see life at a much slower pace. (No more whizzing around the corner in the car and wondering “what were those great white flowers?”) But, some larger-bodied riders have to curtail the length of their ride since their big adult rear end tends to go numb on a standard bike seat after a short period of time. Solution: An Easyseat II Bike Seat. It is a padded 2-part seat that alleviates numbness. Tip: Put one on your exercise bike too!

Bigger Bike Helmets

Bigger bodies also tend to have bigger heads, causing a standard bike helmet to feel like your forehead is in a vice. Solution: The Bell Kinghead Triton Bicycle Helmet. Now, if they would just make them in red!

Curved Shower Rods

There never seems to be enough room to twist and turn during your shower without the wet curtain being all over your soapy body. Solution: A curved shower rod that extends 6″ outward in the center. Now, with this rod and your current shower curtain, you have enough room to enjoy your shower.

Bottomline: Don’t stop living because life doesn’t seem to fit your plus size body. Check out the many furniture, outdoor living, fitness, personal care and travel items available on [thirstylink ids=”6756″]Amazon[/thirstylink] that are designed for the larger or taller body. Need more info on living as a plus size woman or big & tall man? Check out GrandStyle‚Äôs recent plus size living posts.