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Plus Size Patio Furniture: Where to Buy and What to Look For

Plus size patio furniture can make sports, camping, fishing, tailgating or sitting in your backyard much more comfortable. But, it is not easy to find sturdy plus size furniture that is comfortable, portable and well-built for big & tall bodies.

Where to Find Great Plus Size Patio Furniture

Most retailers will have a few chairs designed for bigger bodies. They will have sturdy arms and legs to make it easier to sit down and get up. Here are some of the online retailers with their most popular furniture styles:


Amazon Outdoor Rocking Chair - Plus Size Patio Furniture
Amazon Outdoor Rocking Chair
Amazon offers several styles of outdoor furniture which would be excellent for the big & tall body. Look for strong construction, sturdy legs, sturdy seats and weight limits from at least 250 to 400 pounds or more.

plus size patio furniture - Amazon Coleman Cooler Chair
Amazon Coleman Cooler Chair
Most of these outdoor chairs are listed in the Amazon “Sports & Outdoors” section. Don’t shy away from using a “fishing” or “camping” chair as your go-to chair for weekend comfort in your backyard or at your local park.


Blue King Kong Folding Camp Chair
Blue King Kong Folding Camp Chair
This popular plus size fashion retailer also carries a selection of reasonably-priced lifestyle products including furniture that is excellent for larger and taller bodies. For example, the Blue King Kong Folding Camp Chair has a 24″ wide seat and comfortably holds up to 800 pounds.


Oversized Zero Gravity Chair
Oversized Zero Gravity Chair
During Spring and Summer months Target has a wide selection of affordable outdoor chairs in a range of prices. One of their most popular is the oversized zero gravity chair. It lets you stretch out and reclines back to a position that minimizes the pressure on back and leg muscles. Look for a chair with a seat that is wide enough to be comfortable as well as a back that is tall enough to support your head. It is great for beach and pool…and it is perfect for afternoon naps!


Ozark Trail Big Boy Director Chair
Ozark Trail Big Boy Director Chair
Looking for a comfy chair for camping, fishing, the backyard, the beach, for tailgating, a portable seat to watch soccer or baseball? Then, check out the Ozark Trail Big Boy Director Chair for a very comfortable, sturdy director chair. It holds up to 600 pounds in the sturdy padded seat and provides a handy side table.

Shopping Tips for Plus Size Patio Furniture

Be sure to look for sturdy legs and fabric and double check the weight limitations.

Regardless of which style patio chair you select, if you plan to use the furniture away from home, be sure to check out the finished size after folding to make sure the chair fits in your car or truck. Also check out the folded size to make sure it fits where you plan to store the chair when its not being used.

Comfortable plus size patio furniture makes a great gift for a sports enthusiast, a soccer mom or dad, a fisherman (or fisherwoman!) or anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Treat yourself or someone you know to the most comfortable and secure seat for all their outdoor activities. Enjoy your life!

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