10 Must Haves for Plus Size Travel

Wait! Don’t close that suitcase. In addition to those flip flops, make sure you have these 10 items ready to go for your plus size travel enjoyment.

Planning for Plus Size Travel

For Travel Must Haves

1. Car or airline seat belt extender. There is no reason to jam yourself behind a seat belt that is too small. The airline can usually loan you a seat belt extender (just ask the flight attendant when you board). If you are traveling by car, a seat belt extender makes sure the seat belt is positioned correctly and comfortably.
2. Wide suitcase. If you are larger than size XL, your clothes are wide, requiring more folding to fit into a standard size suitcase. Lots of folding means that your stack of clothes ends up taking up a lot of room in your suitcase, resulting in you having to pack fewer clothes. Look for a wider suitcase. Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to buy a suitcase with wheels!

For Comfort Away from Home

3. Petroleum jelly. After a long, hot day of walking, you will welcome a little petroleum jelly (i.e. “Vaseline”) or a stick antiperspirant for thigh chafing. Just coat the area in the morning and about every two hours. A beeswax product, such as Surgeons Secret, also works great to avoid chafing.
4. Cottonelle purse pack. This small package of pre-moistened towels will come in handy for a variety of personal cleansing and cooling actions.
5. A place to sit down. Having a foldable stool will come in handy when you need to stand in line. The mesh seat and retractable legs provide a handy seat to soothe tired legs and feet.
6. Comfortable shoes. Nothing can kill a fun day like a pair of sore feet. Pack at least one pair of shoes with good support…you’ll be surprised at how much more active you can be during a day when your feet don’t hurt. Consider New Balance, Sketchers or Vionics for maximum comfort.

For Communicating During and After the Trip

7. Cell phone. All the pre-planning won’t keep you from having questions during your travels. Have a charged cell phone available so that you can call ahead and ask questions. It will save you time and help you maximize the fun of your trip.
8. Camera. Don’t let poor self-esteem cause you to come back from a trip with pictures of everyone except yourself. Whether you take your pics with a traditional camera or a cell phone, be sure you are in the pictures…it’s the best way to preserve your vacation memories.

For Looking Good Away from Home

9. Easy-dry, no iron clothing. Simple fact: The less clothes you take with you, the lighter your luggage. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on hotel laundry and dry cleaning. Instead, just wash out lingerie and tops in your hotel bathroom sink and drip dry them overnight. Many online stores, including Junonia and LL Bean, offer a wide selection of easily-packable, travel-friendly apparel.
10. Necklace extender. If your neck is larger than 20″ you probably need a necklace extender to wear a necklace. Pack a necklace extender and you can wear your souvenir before you get home.

Plus size travel does not have to be uncomfortable. You just need to plan ahead and pack the items needed to make you feel comfortable and look stylish.