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How to Find a Size-Friendly Theme Park – MGM Florida

One of the largest attractions in Florida is MGM, which is a large, size-friendly theme park. Here are some details on how to be comfortable on the MGM rides and attractions. These details are based on a compilation of information from the staff at the park as well as visitors to the park. Remember, things change and different body shapes have different experiences.

Finding Size-friendly Theme Park Attractions at MGM Florida

ts = theatre seats
bs = bench seats
lb = low bars (lower deeply into lap)
hb = high bars (do not lower into lap, or lower slightly)
ss = small space
w = walking show, self-paced (wheelchairs allowed)
s = standing show (wheelchairs allowed)
nws = no wheelchair space, but handicapped accessible

All shows have handicapped access and all ts and bs locations (except those designated “nws” no wheelchair space) have wheelchair spaces. These wheelchair spaces don’t require anyone to leave the wheelchair and they also provide a place for a companion.
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Editor’s Notes: 1. The information provided in this article was compiled by Stef Jones in her online FAQ which is entitled “Physical Resources for Big Folks.” It answers the FAQ “What theme parks are comfortable for larger bodies?”
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