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Size-Friendly Amusement Parks: Top 10 Survival Hacks

Planning a trip (or trips!) to a giant Disney theme park or a smaller amusement park? Heat, excessive walking, ride size restrictions and expensive junk food can make your trip very uncomfortable. You can make your destinations size-friendly amusement parks by following a few travel tips to improve your comfort.

Survival Hacks for Size-friendly Amusement Parks

You can turn any amusement part into a size-friendly amusement park. All it takes is a combination of pre-planning, careful attention to what you wear and eat and a little resourcefulness.

    Before You Go

  1. Do research before you go. Learn the park layout, show schedule and the opening and closing times. Review a map of the park and plan your rest stops, water stops and meal stops.
  2. Check if the park has an online gift shop. It is more likely to have an inventory of larger sizes than the on-site gift shop. You can buy your souvenirs and leave them at home – no need to carry them around all day.

    Avoid Potential Problems

  3. Arrive early to beat the crowds. Go to the most popular rides first.
  4. Wear comfortable, light-colored, cool clothes. Don’t forget your hat to keep your head cool and shade your eyes.
  5. Wear comfortable, broken-in shoes. This is no time to wear your new strappy sandals. Instead, grab a comfortable pair of athletic shoes or a supportive sandal.
  6. Avoid chafing and blisters with a petroleum gel like Vaseline or Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm. If it is really hot, consider wearing bike shorts under your skirt. They absorb any perspiration and cushion any thigh rubbing.
  7. Carry sunscreen and basic first aid items. They are very expensive in the gift shop. Remember: It only take a few hours in the sun to get a wicked sunburn.
  8. Drink lots of water or sports drinks. Avoid caffeinated and high-calorie beverages that may cool you down but don’t hydrate your body.

    Make Wheels Your Friend

  9. Rent a stroller or wagon, even if your youngest child is ten. Load the stroller up with bags, extra clothes and snacks. Then, just push the stroller around the park instead of carrying all your items.
  10. Consider renting a wheelchair if your feet or legs get tired after a lot of walking. You don’t have be disabled to rent a wheelchair.

Don’t avoid the fun of a trip to an amusement park just because of your size. With a little planning and some concentration on how to stay comfortable, you can turn any parks into size-friendly amusement parks. Need more travel info? Check out GrandStyle‚Äôs recent plus size travel posts.