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Big and Tall Recliner: Shopping Tips

Shopping for a big and tall recliner with extra width, extra length and lots of stability can be difficult:

  • Weight Capacity – Some retailers only sell recliners designed to hold a person who weighs 250 pounds or less.
  • Description – Some recliners may be sold as “oversized;” but, this adjective only refers to the seat width, not the weight capacity or the fully-reclined length.
  • Length – Some recliners may hold more weight; but, a tall person will also need a recliner that has a taller back and a longer length when fully reclined.
  • Delivery Time – Some retailers can order a sturdy recliner designed to hold someone who weighs up to 500 pounds; however, they require a special order that may take months to deliver.

Several of the big name recliner companies are now making and stocking recliners which are perfect for the larger or taller person. Prices tend to be cheaper online; so, our editors recommend checking the recliners out in a retail store environment and then ordering your recliner online.

Big and Tall Recliner: Features to Look For

Recliners are sold with a very long list of features. To make your shopping easier, here are the basic features to look for:

  • Weight Capacity – Look for a capacity that exceeds the weight of the largest person in the household. This will make sure that the recliner is sturdy enough to support children and pets who may also pile on.
  • Seat Width – At least 21 inches.
  • Seat Height – At least 18 inches.
  • Length – For a tall person, the back height should be at least 45 inches and the fully reclined length should be at least 75 inches.
  • Seating Positions – At least three – upright, slightly reclined with leg support and fully reclined with leg support.
  • Durability – Look for springs in the seat and a strong construction. Some recliners are made from wood; but, the really sturdy recliners have steel construction.

Where to Purchase

    Big Tall Recliner
    Big & Tall Marcus Fabric Recliner

  • JCPenney – The Big & Tall Marcus Fabric Recliner is very comfortable for tall people and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. It is 45″ wide and 44″ high. It is available in 6 reclining options including a swivel rocker, a gliding recliner as well as a power recliner that moves from fully upright to fully reclined in 7 seconds.
  • Serta – The Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner has a memory foam seat and very soft back support. The back heated massage function adjusts with a remote control. It has a 24 inch wide seat and a 29 inch back.
  • Lane Furniture – The Lane Home Furnishings Stallion Recliner has a heavy-duty steel frame and holds up to 500 pounds. It is also great for tall people since it fully reclines to 79 inches.
  • Wayfair – The La-Z-Boy Crandell Rocker Recliner is a leather recliner with a 22 inch wide seat that is over 21 inches off the ground; but, it only has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is excellent for a taller person since it is 74 inches when fully reclined.

Bottomline: Whether you are shopping for a gift or for your own home, be sure to shop for a big and tall recliner based on specific features that will give you a more comfortable and more stable piece of furniture.