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Finding Size-Friendly Medical Products

Finding size-friendly medical products can be very difficult. Typically larger items such as wider wheelchairs, longer blood pressure monitor cuffs and roomy patient gowns are only available in hospital supply stores. But, knowing specifically what you need and what to look for can make it easier to find what you need.

What’s Available in Size-Friendly Medical Products


Standard wheelchairs have a 22 inches wide seat. Wheelchairs with wider seats are available from medical supply retailers. Here are some suggestions:

  • Call your local hospital and ask for the home care division. The nurses there should know local sources for larger-sized chair rentals.
  • Contact the Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy departments of large nursing homes.
  • Several wheelchair catalogs carry large-sized chairs. In the U.S., SIZEwise Rentals rents wheelchairs. Their parent company, Wheelchairs of Kansas, sells custom-made wheelchairs. PDG Mobility sells wheelchairs for big and supersize people. PDG Mobility has distributors in the US and Canada.
  • Some retailers offer wide wheelchairs including Amazon, Wal-Mart icon and 1800wheelchair.com.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors

The standard size blood pressure cuff should not be used on a person with an arm bigger around than 14″ or so. It will give a falsely high reading.

Options are to:

  • Using a large size cuff or thigh cuff (most doctor’s offices have both) on the upper arm
  • Use the standard size cuff on the forearm
  • Take the reading with a wrist cuff

The most economical monitor is a cuff and stethoscope, available at medical supply companies. Some home models come with D-ring cuffs that are easy to put on with one hand, and have the stethoscope diaphragm screwed into the cuff so you don’t need a hand to hold the stethoscope. You can buy these with a regular or large cuff. Learning to take your own blood pressure by stethoscope takes some practice, but once you learn, you can better gauge the accuracy than with an automatic model.

Wrist monitors are simple and easy to use. They fit wrists up to 8″ around. Omron offers several kinds. They pump and give you an automatic reading.

A nurse wrote: “Healthcare professionals will offer varying opinions on their accuracy….but at least it gives a supersized individual ease and comfort of keeping tabs on their pressure at home….I would suggest to anyone using a wrist blood pressure machine to take it when having their pressure checked at their physician’s office, health fair, drug store, etc., to see if there is any difference in readings.”

Open MRI Machines

MRI machines are tubes and some big people can’t fit into them. Some “open” MRI machines are available and may be able to accommodate big folks (as well as folks with claustrophobia). Your doctor or local hospital can give you the location of open MRI machines in your area. If you live in California, call Kaiser or Open Advanced MRI for locations.

Patient Gowns

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In the doctor’s office or the hospital you can request a maternity patient gown. They are larger across the shoulders and the tummy area. Consider buying your own gown for extra convenience (and to avoid the teddy bears and duckies that might show up on the maternity gowns they may give you in response to your need for a larger gown!). Larger patient gowns are available from several retailers including Amazon.

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reason to use a large blood pressure cuff

Reason to Use a Large Blood Pressure Cuff

The #1 reason to use a large blood pressure cuff is that it is easy for larger people to get an incorrect blood pressure reading if they don’t use a large blood pressure cuff. In fact, it is reported that this is one of the most common problems faced by plus size men and women in medical care.

  • A too-small cuff will give readings that are falsely high.
  • A too-large cuff will give falsely low readings.

AHA Sizing Guidelines: Reason to Use a Large Blood Pressure Cuff

The guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA) recommend that the length of the bladder of the cuff (the inflatable portion of the cuff) should be 80 percent of the arm’s circumference. The width of the bladder should be 40 percent of the arm’s circumference.

The three most commonly-used cuff sizes are large adult, regular adult and pediatric and will fit most patients. For larger arm circumferences, a practitioner may use an extra long cuff. The practitioner can receive an incorrect reading after taking the blood pressure on the patient’s forearm.

KMom, the online advocate for plus size moms, has compiled helpful charts to pinpoint the size blood pressure cuff you need. She also gives tips on how to work with medical personnel to make sure that your readings are accurate and helps you decide whether you should purchase your own cuff. Click here for KMom’s Importance of Large Blood Pressure Cuffs.