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Plus Size Fall Clothes: Six Lifesavers

Hooray, it’s fall! Time for us to follow Mother Nature’s clue and shed our poor self esteem images and get ready to bundle ourselves up against the ravages of winter. But don’t just run out and start buying a new wardrobe of plus size fall clothes.

Lifesavers for Plus Size Fall Clothes

Avoid that compelling urge to buy the newest, trendiest plus size clothes that the retail world has to offer for fall. Instead, just make sure you have what you need for fall including these six lifesavers that will get you through the colder months:

  • Knee high wide calf leather boots — There is nothing warmer and dryer than a good pair of boots. The good news is that retailers are starting to realize that some of us have VERY curvaceous calfs and that we may, or may not, have a wide foot. Here are a few of our favorite online retailers for boots with extra wide calfs:

    The cost of a good pair of wide calf leather boots is about $90-200. Sounds like a lot of money; but, if you care for them well, they should last you 5-10 years.

  • Silky underwear — We’re not talking about skimpy little silky bras and panties. We’re talking about 2-piece set – a top and pants with long sleeves and long legs – to provide insulation in the cold, wick away any moisture and yet keep you toasty warm. These separates are also very handy for sleeping and for wearing under wool sweaters, minimizing any itch and slowing down the need for sweater hand washing. They may just what you need under your plus size fall clothes as the season blends into winter.

    Check out our favorite, the Cuddl Duds line, available from Amazon, Just My Size (JMS) and Kohl’s. They are about $25-35 a piece; but, like good boots, they will last for years.
  • Wide width socks — Here’s the bottomline on socks: We curvy ladies have curvy feet and ankles. Why hassle with tight socks? Give your ankles, arches and toes some room to move. Walmart, JMS and Lane Bryant have a growing assortment of size 10-13 socks for women. The problem: These socks are longer; but, not necessarily wider in the foot or bottom leg. So, instead, consider men’s socks. They are longer and wider than women’s, they cost less and are available in lots of colors and styles (check out the great holiday socks at Target!). Prices vary.
  • Bike length Lycra® shorts — Does your plus size fall clothes wardrobe include legwear? Curvy hips usually mean that pantyhose and tights tend to start a fast slip down the hips as soon as you put them on and would be around your knees if you don’t tug them up throughout the day. Solution: Wear a pair of knee length bike shorts over your pantyhose and tights. They keep everything from slipping down (even if you wear slippery nylon panties!), they tuck in your tummy and they keep you warm. You can buy a pair for under $15 at Amazon or Walmart and toss them after 6 months if the waistbands start to pull out. Or, you can “investment dress” and buy a super well-made pair that will last you for many years from Amazon or ChampionUSA.com.
  • Warm coat – Large size, stylish coats are very hard to find. So, we tend to settle on a utilitarian ugly coat that either keeps us warm or dry – but not both. Website and catalog retailers now have a terrific assortment of beautiful coats. Some of our favorite faux furs, raincoats, swing coats and car coats are from the Dennis Basso coats on QVC and the more casual coats on Ulla Popken, Catherines and WomenWithin. Costs range from about $75 up. Tip: Don’t scrimp here. This is true investment dressing. Look for a coat that is multi-purpose (zip in/out liner, button on/off hood, etc.) to get maximum wear from your coat through cooler fall weather and the cold winter.
  • Black pants – Why black pants? They seem to be the perfect starting point for any outfit. When you don’t know how dressy or casual to dress, start with black pants + a solid top + a great shoe + two sets of jewelry in your purse (one casual and one with a little dressy sparkle if you need it!). So, needless to say, you should consider having several pairs of black pants!!

Open up that closet door. Do a little end-of-season clearing and get out your fall lifesavers. Have a great (and cozy!) fall.

Ask Susan!

Ask Susan! – How to Stay Fresh and Cool During a Plus Size Summer

Summertime means its time to get up and go. This is no time to let your weight, dress size or shirt size keep you home! And, it’s tough to have “grand style” when you’re hot, uncomfortable and your feet hurt. So, no matter where you decide to go or how long you plan to stay, here’s how to have a stylish, plus size summer where you stay cool, fresh and comfortable in your rounded body.

Must Haves for a Plus Size Summer

Staying Fresh and Cool

Dear Susan: Why do some women and men look cool no matter what the temperature?

Many start their day with an alcohol-based body spray. You’ll find them in the fragrance section at the drug store. Two of my favs are Philosphy Amazing Grace Body Spritz for women and Bod Man Freshest Cleanest Body Spray for Men. Tip: Avoid the really fruit-smelling fragrances (like peach!) unless you want to still smell like a fruit basket for up to four hours.

These stay-cool women and men keep their cool all day with a variety of devices such as:

  • a spray mister (looks like an athletic water bottle with a tiny hose with a mister attachment.)
  • a battery-operated mini-fan (my favorite, the Travelon 3-Speed Personal Folding Fan, hangs around your neck or the rear view mirror in your car. It goes everywhere with me!
  • gel strips which you can freeze and roll up in a cotton scarf around your neck (usually sold with the scarves in a discount store.) You can make your own with a strip of Blue Ice from your cooler or a strip of ice you make yourself in a zipper lock bag.

All of the above items are usually available at Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Kmart etc. If you, or kids around you, are going to be exposed to the heat for long periods of time, consider keeping an emergency cool down kit close by which includes:

  • Wipe & Dry for quick cooling
  • wet washcloths in zipper lock plastic bags
  • a bag of salted nuts (to replace the salt lost through perspiration)
  • a package of breath mints (for a quick jolt to your blood sugar)
  • a battery-operated mini fan with extra batteries
  • two cotton bandannas to tie together as a head band or to pull your hair up off your neck

Avoiding Heat Rashes

Dear Susan: We’re going to be in a hot, humid spot this summer. Is there any way to avoid heat rashes under my breasts, under my tummy or where my legs rub together?

The rashes could be from friction or from a yeast infection. First, get the area clean and dry (if you can’t reach it, use the cool setting on a hair dryer.) Then, get into your medicine chest for help to keep the area dry – a spray antifungal sold for athlete’s foot or jock itch.

You can further dry up the area by using talc. Avoid cornstarch-based talc since the redness may be caused by a yeast infection that often grows in warm moist areas like tummy folds. Cornstarch just tends to feed the little yeasties.

Under bra wetness can be minimized with cotton bras, a cotton bra liner or with cotton socks tucked under the breast and bra band.

For thigh rubbing, wear a cotton bike short from Junonia under your skirts or apply an antiperspirant directly to your inner thighs.

Keeping Feet Comfortable

Dear Susan: We always seem to do a lot of walking in the summer at theme parks, fairs and outdoor events. Any tips on keeping my feet from killing me?

Feet expand in hot weather and get larger as the day goes on (like after an afternoon at MGM Florida!). So, to be sure you have the right size summer shoes and sandals be sure to select new summer shoes in the afternoon when your feet are the biggest! And be sure that your shoes are wide enough. Remember: As our hips get wider, our feet tend to get wider too! (Weird I know, but it happens). Wide shoes are now available online at retailers and in larger retail shoe stores.

For fun summer shoes and sandals in extra wide widths, check out FullBeauty, Payless Shoes and DestinationXL. Whatever your width, avoid shoes with plastic inner soles. Tip: For hot burning feet I love to give myself a foot massage with Dr. Scholl’s peppermint foot lotion (usually available at the grocery or drug store).

Selecting Fashions to Stay Cool

Dear Susan: What should I wear to stay cool? I don’t look good in sleeveless tops or shorts.

First, as I say every summer, don’t let your lack of self-esteem push you into wearing clothes that just make you hotter! If you overdress for summer you will call more attention to yourself than your short sleeved or sleeveless top. If you won’t go sleeveless, consider wearing cotton mesh tops over a sports top or tank top.

Second, everyone can wear shorts … look for shorts with longer and wider legs. They are flattering, and they don’t ride up when you walk or when you sit down!

Third, avoid polyester and polyester/cotton blends in favor of breathable natural fibers like silk, rayon and viscose rayon. Check out the viscose tops from Ulla Popken, the cotton separates from Avenue or up-to-the minute styles of Denim & Company cotton separates at QVC.

6 Reasons You Need Bike Shorts

Do you still have a pair of bike shorts, those leg hugging, poly/Spandex exercise shorts that were de rigeur in all the gyms until about ten years ago? Or, did you trade them out of your wardrobe for yoga pants?

You might want to consider getting them back into your wardrobe.

Bike Shorts: A Fashion Necessity

Here are six reasons why bike shorts are still one of the best fashion accessories that a plus size woman can have:

Bike shorts:

  1. Are a great way to prevent thigh chafing. Their smooth feel stops the friction that can cause irritation and chafing. Try a pair under your flowing skirt or dress during the hot weather.
  2. Hold up slipping panty hose and tights. Just pull them on over your panty hose or tights to avoid the need for any tugging or yanking of slipping hosiery during the day.
  3. Can stop the see through problems often experienced with thin white slacks and shorts. A light-colored bike short may be just the thing you need for a little modesty under thin fabrics.
  4. Are a great undergarment to wear under flowing dresses and skirts. Air blows and catches your skirt? No problem. Bike shorts give you the same freedom of movement that cute little six year olds have with leggings under their dresses.
  5. Make a great swim bottom for swimming, wading and water aerobics. You can move freely and not have to worry about your swim bottom floating up on your body.
  6. Can’t be beat for comfort as casual, at-home or sleeping apparel. Just throw on a long top that covers your tush and enjoy the comfort of the bike short’s Spandex.

Who knew that a little pair of bike shorts could do so much for plus size living?