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Medicine Chest

Plus Size Health: 4 Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

Need help to manage your everyday plus size health issues? Sometimes all it takes is a tip to avoid chaffing and yeast infections or a handy tool to make it easier to care for hard-to-reach areas.

Must Haves for Plus Size Health

Plus size bodies often have special problems. Thighs that rub together can chafe. Stiffness can make it difficult to reach your feet to apply lotion or clip your toenails. But, a product or tool from your medicine chest can make your health care jobs a lot easier. Here are a few things to help:

  • Chafing – Constant rubbing can create chafing. Avoid chafing on thighs when walking in warm weather by covering the surface area with petroleum jelly. Vaseline or a store brand both work great to stop the friction that causes the chafing.
  • Fungal infections – Heat and moisture can cause fungal or yeast infections wherever skin touches skin. Common areas are under breasts, between toes or in the crotch area. Talc may feel good; but, the cornstarch just feeds the fungus or yeast. Instead, use an antifungal (yeast-fighting) powder such as Tinactin. The powder version is cooling and absorbent; and, it does not contain talc or cornstarch.
  • Applying lotion – Try a long-handled lotion applicator to get lotion or creams onto hard-to-reach places. Some applicators have a tube in the handle to hold the lotion. Others are like a sponge on the end of a long stick. Either one is easier than trying to find someone to help you reach those special places.
  • Cutting toenails – Reaching those toes can be tough enough; but, having to reach them AND cut wayward toenails can be very difficult! Make the job easier with long-handled nail clippers.

Don’t struggle with everyday plus size health activities like applying lotion, cutting toenails or taking your blood pressure. Stay on the lookout for the many medical products available online or in your local retail stores.

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