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Quick & Easy Bra Calculator for Sizing

Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Use a bra calculator for sizing info to find out your correct bra size. Most women have worn the wrong size bra for so long, they have forgotten that bras can be comfortable! Life’s tough enough without your bra giving you a bad time!

Weight changes or the washing machine can play havoc on how your bra fits:

  • As you gain weight, lose weight or just get older, your bra size changes.
  • Bras stretch out and lose their support after repeated washings.

Do yourself, and your appearance, a favor. Don’t wear old, misfitting bras. Buy new bras every year. There is nothing like good fitting lingerie to give a woman “grand style.”

Using a Bra Calculator for Sizing

Bra calculators are easy to use. You just need to make two measurements and then add the measurements into the calculator. The calculator “does the math” and tells you the best bra size for you.

One of our favorite bra calculators is the one provided by Big Girls Bras. It is very easy to use. Just scroll down the screen on Big Girls Bras and look for the “Bra Size Calculator” section towards the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is enter two numbers – band measurement and bust measurement.

Here’s how to calculate your band and bust measurements:

  • Band measurement – While you are wearing a bra, measure across your chest and under your arm. This measurement will help the bra size calculator determine your band size. Special note: Use a cloth tape measure that will not stretch. Or, you can measure with a piece of non-stretch string, tape or seam binding which you can then measure using a yardstick, ruler or metal measuring tape.
  • Bust measurement – Measure around the fullest area of the bust to determine your cup size.

Just enter the band and bust measurements into the bra size calculator and you will see the recommended sizes for many American brands.

Get a Professional Fitting

If you are having trouble measuring, don’t hesitate to consult a professional bra fitter at a department store or a lingerie specialty store to make sure you are wearing the right size and the right style. The fitter can suggest special fabrics and styles to meet your particular needs.

For example, some women have particularly full or heavy breasts, but not necessarily bigger breasts. So, they may not need a bigger cup size. Instead, they should look for bras with special construction, fabrics and straps made especially for the “fuller” breast.

Need more help? Check out the video in this article to watch a Lane Bryant bra fitter demonstrating correct bra fitting techniques. Once you are ready to purchase a new bra, check out How to Select the Right Bra Type and How to Select a Plus Size Sports Bra.

Have bra that does not seem to fit correctly? Check out these solutions for the most common bra fitting problems.

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Plus Size Underwear – The Next Stages for Winter

OK ladies. I’m here to tell you that there is more to plus size underwear than just bras and panties! Don’t get me wrong, we certainly need bras and panties. But now there are a lot of additional underwear options available for our curvy bodies.

Solve Problems with Plus Size Underwear

Layer for Extra Warmth

As the temperature starts to drop, the best way to maintain body warmth is not always to add more layers of clothing. Not only would we risk looking like the Pillsbury doughboy — we would start to lose our mobility and flexibility.

For extra warmth with added benefits, consider adding an additional layer that you wear over your bra and panties. Look for a fabrication that is super light and smooth; so, it is very comfy next to your skin. Cuddl Duds, available at Just My Size (JMS) and Kohl’s. They are designed in either a tank top format or in a long sleeve, t-shirt style which provides more coverage.

The long sleeve t-shirt style is particularly wonderful under scratchy sweaters or to wear as a sleepwear top. Cuddle Duds bottoms are styled with long legs with a cuffed ankle to help keep your warmth close to your body. They also provide a smooth barrier against scratchy wool or wood-blend pants. A Special Indulgence: Cuddl Duds are a double treat when you have flannel sheets – the slipperiness of the smooth Cuddl Duds against the coziness of flannel!

Stay Warm and Stop Friction Burn

Another real simple way to ward off the chills of winter is to slip on a pair of bike shorts under your skirt or dress. Bike shorts are usually 7-9″ long and are made of a cotton or cotton blend combined with a stretchy fabric such as Lycra® or Spandex®. The extra layer of the bike shorts provides warmth without any restrictive movement.

The Added Advantage: Wearing bike shorts, such as those sold by Champion, is truly the answer for those of us who suffer with friction burn on our inner thighs!

Everybody Needs a Little Support

Personal trainers will tell you that our big tummies put a big strain on our lower back muscles. Our tummies try to pull our bodies forward and our back muscles have to work extra hard to pull our bodies backward to maintain our upright balance.

We should all be working on strengthening these muscles; but, in the meantime, give your muscles a head start by wearing a supportive brief that tucks in your tummy. The briefs are usually made in a panty style with a combination of nylon and Lycra®. You’ll be delighted with how this little brief will ease any lower back discomfort!

Slow Down Slipping Hosiery & Tights

I have finally come to the conclusion that silky panties and hosiery are an impossible combination! No matter what size of pantyhose or tights I put on my curvaceous hips, I can’t seem to even get out the house in the morning without the waistband of the pantyhose or tights slipping down my hips over my silky panties.

I know that I could always go back to cotton undies to stop the slip; but instead, I have learned to slip a pair of bike shorts over my hosiery or tights. Bike shorts stop the slippage and, as mentioned earlier, they provide an extra touch of warmth.

Stay Cool. Stay Dry.

Just because the temperature is dropping, this is no time to let up on our constant battle to stay dry, fight odors and bacteria. Check out the new high-tech fabrics that are being used for plus size underwear such as bras and panties. Bras and panties in these new fabrics are designed to solve these problems by drying fast, or wicking the moisture away from our bodies or by increasing the air flow.

Why not use these cooler months to try out the new fabric technologies and enjoy the benefits of staying cool and dry. Then, after you have tested them out over the next few months, you can expand your underwear wardrobe with the new “stay cool/stay dry” fabrics just in time for the warmer months!