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Costume with Cape

5 Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you are party hopping, trick or treating or just handing out candy at the door, you need a fun, comfortable plus size halloween costume.

How to Quickly Build a Plus Size Halloween Costume

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to build a costume. You just need to be creative. Here are some fun ideas that work well on all ages and all sizes:

  1. Identity Theft – Add various names to “Hello” adhesive-backed name tags. Generously cover your shirt or blouse with completed tags.
  2. Identity Theft

  3. Domino Couple – Cover a black top and bottom with circles of white in a domino pattern.
  4. Domino Costume

  5. Bag of Jelly Bellys – Add various colored balloons to a clear plastic bag and “brand” yourself with a Jelly Belly logo from your printer.
  6. Jelly Belly Costume

  7. Pumpkin – Decorate your big tummy with a pumpkin face. Great for moms-to-be.
  8. Pumpkin Costume

  9. Insurance Couple – A white apron, a red shirt and two name tags turn any couple into Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials and Jake from the State Farm commercials.
  10. Insurance Couple

Pick your favorite plus size halloween costume and enjoy Halloween.

Need more ideas? Check out our editor’s other ideas and Pinterest suggestions for creating fun costumes for plus size women and big and tall men.

How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier for a Big Mom or Dad

There is no doubt about it – selecting the best baby carrier for a big mom or dad takes a lot of research. But, the carrier will make it much easier to get around with your new baby. Babies love to be held and carried. They also need to be held in order to feel the closeness and stimulation of being held and carried. A carrier lets you carry the baby close, while leaving your hands free. But, if you choose the wrong carrier it can be a real problem.

When selecting a baby carrier you need to consider the size of the baby as well as the size of the person who will be wearing the carrier. An ill-fitting carrier can be very uncomfortable for the wearer and unsafe for the baby. So, be sure to “test-carry” your carrier before you make your final decision.

Choosing the Best Baby Carrier for a Big Mom or Dad

Parent have a lot of choices for baby carriers. Choices include front-facing carriers, fabric slings, backpacks and hip carriers.

  • Front-facing Carriers – These are the most popular style of baby carriers. Straps go over the shoulder and hold a pouch in which the baby sits either facing forward or backward.
  • Fabric Slings – These long pieces of fabric can be configured to securely hold a baby. Because they can be customized to the wearer, they are very size-friendly.
  • Backpacks – These carriers are like front-facing carriers but are worn on the back. They tend to be difficult to put on; but, once on, they are sturdy for older babies and toddles.
  • Hip Carriers – These are typically used for older babies or toddlers. They have straps to help distribute the child’s weight.

Unfortunately, many carriers are not size-friendly. They are either too small for the person wearing the carrier or they are very uncomfortable to wear. To find the best carrier for your needs, be sure and do your research before the baby comes as you build your basic maternity wardrobe.

Kmom, the very knowledgeable online advocate for plus size moms, has compiled information on all types of baby carriers including slings, front-pack carriers and hip-carriers. Click here for KMom’s Info on selecting a baby carrier for larger size moms and dads.

How to Build a Plus Size Maternity Basic Wardrobe

You don’t have to spend a fortune to build a plus size maternity basic wardrobe…clothes which you’ll only wear a few months. In fact, you may not need maternity clothes at all.

Fact: If you wear a pre-pregnancy size 14-22 you may be able to wear loose-fitting, non-maternity clothes in a size or two larger than your pre-pregnancy size. You might not need maternity clothes until month eight…or, not at all.

Idea: Build an inexpensive wardrobe with loose-fitting non-maternity clothes 1-2 sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size that you can wear through most of your pregnancy. Look for soft stretchy trapeze or baby-doll style tops and dresses as well as bottoms with stretchy elastic and drawstring waistbands.

Building a Plus Size Maternity Basic Wardrobe

What you need wardrobe-wise depends on whether you are home, working or going to school. If you are home or going to school, you’ll need more casual clothes. If you are working outside of the home, you’ll need clothes for work as well as casual clothes. So, you will need more items in your wardrobe.

Tip: Buy basic styles in solids and use accessories to punch up your look. For example, layer a pre-pregnancy jean jacket with an infinity scarf over a basic maternity tee.

Generally, whether you buy maternity clothes or larger sizes of non-maternity clothes, here’s the basic list of what you will need:

1-2 short sleeve tees
1-2 long sleeve tees
2 fashion tops or shirts

1 sweater or jacket

1 twill pant
1 knit pant
1 pair of jeans

1 skirt
1-2 dresses

2 pajamas or nighties

6-8 pairs of panties
1 sleep bra
1-2 nursing bras

1 maternity support belt

Where to Shop for Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Here are some of our favorite plus size retailers for moms-to-be:

Wardrobe-building Plus Size Non-Maternity Clothes

Here are some great resources for stylish, loose-fitting, non-maternity clothes:

Bottomline: You don’t have to spend mega bucks to purchase a big plus size maternity clothes wardrobe that you will only wear for a few months at the end of your pregnancy. Instead, purchase some lower-cost, non-maternity clothes in larger sizes to wear through most, if not all, of your pregnancy.

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