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Summer Family

Plus Size Summer Style: Cool Clothes and Sleeveless!

Plus Size Style from Ulla Popken: Classic Cotton TankLook out ladies. It’s time for plus size summer style. Warm weather is here … the time of year that a lot of curvy women hate. No more hiding behind baggy clothing. This is the season of bareness – bare necks, bare legs and, the scariest of all, bare arms. But don’t panic. Here are a few tips to build your summer style (and stay cool!) without spending a lot of money.

Plus Size Summer Style Tips

Here are a few thoughts to get you through any summer style fashion crisis you may be feeling:

  • Buy a new white tee and white pants. Even if you decided not to buy any new summer clothes, the ketchup and mustard stains in last year’s white tee and pants will never come out. Just toss ’em. You don’t need to spend a lot to replace them. Check out JustMySize, Target, Woman Within and JCPenneys for great prices.
  • Simplify. Remove from your closet all the clothes and shoes that you don’t (or can’t!) wear. Give them to the local women’s shelter. Stop squeezing your fluffy arms into those skinny sleeves! Also, only keep what you really love to wear – give away anything you didn’t wear at least 20 times last year.
  • Give up trying to dress to look thinner. Instead, concentrate on feeling great, showing your individual style and staying cool … even if it means sleeveless tops and dresses!
  • Buy basics. If you are going to buy this season, spend most of your money on basic colors and styles. Then you can splurge on one or two trendy styles and colors. Look to JustMySize, Junonia and Ulla Popken for 100% cotton and rayon shirts, twill skirts and pants.
  • Jump into summer with joy. Buy yourself a girlie-girl treat. Get a haircut. Buy a new pink lipstick. Get a pedicure. Buy a fun sun hat. Learn to ride a bike. Take your kids (or grandkids!) to a theme park or to the pool or shore.

Enjoy this great new season. Get out there with your family and friends. Remember: Your personal style is what you do and how you do it — not just what you wear.

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summer hat

Summer Hats: Comfort & Style for Larger Heads

It can be really hard to find great summer hats if your head or hairstyle requires a larger hat. The standard “One Size Fits Most” hat only fits a head that measures up to 22 3/4 to 23 inches – this is a size 7 3/8 for men or a size 7 1/4 for women.

Good news: You don’t have to wear a hat that’s too small, rely on a plastic adjustable tab or spend a lot of money to add a hat to your warm weather wardrobe. There are online retailers that offer larger sizes in fun styles and a wide range of prices – Big Head Caps, hats.com and e4Hats.com.

Shopping Tips for Summer Hats

Finding the Right Size

Check out the sizing charts to be sure that you get a perfect fit.

Choosing a Flattering Style

Basically, a bigger body tends to look best in a bigger hat. Whether you are buying a hat as a gift for a woman, a man or for yourself, bigger bodies tend to look better in caps with longer visors and hats with wider brims such as a panama boater, a fedora, a boonie, or a breezer.

Bottomline: Don’t settle for spring and summer hats that don’t fit your head or your style. Wearing hats should be comfortable and you should enjoy the added style and sun protection of the hat.

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Medicine Chest

Plus Size Health: 4 Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

Need help to manage your everyday plus size health issues? Sometimes all it takes is a tip to avoid chaffing and yeast infections or a handy tool to make it easier to care for hard-to-reach areas.

Must Haves for Plus Size Health

Plus size bodies often have special problems. Thighs that rub together can chafe. Stiffness can make it difficult to reach your feet to apply lotion or clip your toenails. But, a product or tool from your medicine chest can make your health care jobs a lot easier. Here are a few things to help:

  • Chafing – Constant rubbing can create chafing. Avoid chafing on thighs when walking in warm weather by covering the surface area with petroleum jelly. Vaseline or a store brand both work great to stop the friction that causes the chafing.
  • Fungal infections – Heat and moisture can cause fungal or yeast infections wherever skin touches skin. Common areas are under breasts, between toes or in the crotch area. Talc may feel good; but, the cornstarch just feeds the fungus or yeast. Instead, use an antifungal (yeast-fighting) powder such as Tinactin. The powder version is cooling and absorbent; and, it does not contain talc or cornstarch.
  • Applying lotion – Try a long-handled lotion applicator to get lotion or creams onto hard-to-reach places. Some applicators have a tube in the handle to hold the lotion. Others are like a sponge on the end of a long stick. Either one is easier than trying to find someone to help you reach those special places.
  • Cutting toenails – Reaching those toes can be tough enough; but, having to reach them AND cut wayward toenails can be very difficult! Make the job easier with long-handled nail clippers.

Don’t struggle with everyday plus size health activities like applying lotion, cutting toenails or taking your blood pressure. Stay on the lookout for the many medical products available online or in your local retail stores.

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