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Body Shaming of Plus Size Kids

6 Ways to Combat Body Shaming of Plus Size Kids

Body shaming of plus size kids is hurtful. Whether the shaming comes from name calling, social media, television commercials or insensitive adults, fat shaming can cause depression and keep them from growing up confident in their bodies.

Body Shaming of Plus Size Kids Is More Than Name Calling

Body shaming is more than just calling someone “fat” or “chubby.” It is anything that tries to make someone feel bad about their body. It can be said directly to the child or the child could overhear it being said about someone else. For example: Read More

Your Body Is Awesome - body acceptance for kids

Great Book on Body Acceptance for Kids

It can be tough to try to understand body acceptance for kids and why some kids look different than others. This can be confusing for children of all ages. Sometimes the confusion can lead to bullying, low self-esteem and body blues.

Start Talking about Body Acceptance for Kids

Whether you are a parent, family member, friend or teacher of a child, this fun book is an excellent conversation starter about body acceptance, differences and self-esteem. It’s a great book to give to: Read More