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Plus Size Furniture: Where to Get Sturdy Chairs and Beds

If you, a member of your family or a guest weighs over the standard weight ranges for their height, and they are using furniture that is not plus size furniture, it is only a matter of time before a chair is broken, an air mattress is popped or a large “dent” is made in an innerspring mattress.

Sitting and sleeping. These are two things we do everyday and they are often the most difficult (and potentially scary!) things we do all day.

If you haven’t broken a chair or a stool you probably have been sitting carefully, thinking that an accident was less likely to happen if you moved slowly, or didn’t move at all. Unfortunately the speed that you sit down has nothing to do with whether you are going to have an accident. Sad, but true. A plus size chair or plus size bed can alleviate those concerns and make life easier.

What to Look for in Plus Size Furniture

Plus Size Chair: Seating Problems Solved!

Your days of broken chair and bed fears are over! Several manufacturers have gone mainstream with well-made chairs, recliners and mattresses that are bigger, sturdier and much more comfortable.

Indoor Seating

stackablechairNeed some sturdy indoor seating? Consider having an extra wide stacking chair or two available for your special seating needs. Great as a dining chair, a game chair, on your patio or as an extra chair in your living room. About $120.



Portable Outdoor Seating

Amazon Coleman Cooler Plus Size Outdoor Furniture
Amazon Coleman Cooler Plus Size Outdoor Furniture

The soccer match, the block party and the backyard party all now become comfortable venues for larger bodies with the readily available portable seating that is hitting the market.

For super comfortable seating on the sidelines or at an outdoor party, consider the Picnic Time Portable Collegiate Sports Chair. Its extra-wide seat and aluminum frame are easy to fold-up and carry with the detachable shoulder strap. For a price of about $110 makes it a excellent addition to your seating inventory.


Destination XL Zero Gravity Recliner - Plus Size Outdoor Furniture
Destination XL Zero Gravity Recliner – Plus Size Outdoor Furniture
If you are looking for something a little more relaxing, DestinationXL has sells the Big & Tall Two-Tone Extra-Wide Zero Gravity Chair. It is a very sturdy and super attractive reclining chair that looks great on the patio, holds up to 500 pounds and is easy to fold up and throw in the back of the car. About $160.




Plus Size Bed: Sturdy and Comfortable Air Mattresses

Whether you need a portable mattress for your family visits or camping trips, or a comfortable mattress in which to end the day at your house, your needs for a sturdy air mattress can now be met.

Destination XL Big & Tall AirCloud Majestic Air MattressThe AirCloud Air Mattress is really the premier portable mattress. It will automatically inflate in less than two minutes and hold up to 750 pounds. It can be deflated quickly and folds up into a small bag, making it easy to travel with and easy to store. For some households its queen size has become a common alternative for an innerspring or foam bed mattress for many plus size couples. About $200.

If you are looking for a more permanent mattress, consider the Sleep Number bed. Although they are expensive, typically over $4,000, they have a super long guarantee and are all constructed to safely hold the larger, heavier body while providing an awesome, comfortable sleeping experience.