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Extended Wide Calf Boots

Where to Buy Extended Wide Calf Boots

Looking for extended wide calf boots? Most wide calf boots are only about an inch larger than other boots, fitting calf widths of 16″ for a size 6M boot. Widths on larger-sized boots (such as a 12W) may be up to 18″ wide. But, if your calf measures over 17″ you need extended wide calf boots.

Extended wide calf boots come in calf widths from:

  • a 17″ calf on a size 6M boot to a 20″ calf for a size 13WW
  • a 18″ calf on a size 6M boot to a 24″ calf for a size 13WW

Need some measurement help? WideWidths.com provides an easy to use measuring tool to help you figure out what calf width boot you should be wearing.

Retailers for Extended Wide Calf Boots

Not all retailers that sell wide width boots sell wide calf boots. They may offer a size 8C boot; but, unless it is sold as a “wide calf” boot, the boot’s shaft is typically only about 15″ wide.


WideWidths.com has the largest selection of women’s wide calf, extra wide calf, super wide calf and super plus wide calf boots. They offer sizes 5M through 13WW. Their selection includes leather boots in prices from $200 to $300. Watch for their sales prices and their occasional site-wide discounts of up to 25%. They also have a fun selection of rain boots. They provide $15.95 flat rate UPS ground shipping for the first pair and $8 for each additional pair.

WideWidths.com offers several top sellers including the Sydney Super Plus Wide Calf Ladies Boot Black Goat Suede/Patent and the Brora Super Wide Calf Ladies Boot Black Nappa/Suede, each about $300.


Shoes.com (formerly ShoeBuy.com) carries many brand-name leather boots in extended widths. Prices range from $180 to $200. They provide free shipping on all orders.

Shoebuy offers many styles including the David Tate Best-20 for about $200. It has a 20.5″ shaft circumference in size 6 and expands 3/8″ with each size increase.


Looking for more sources for stylish, comfortable boots in extra wide widths? Measure your calf and shop the various styles, fabrications and colors offered through Amazon. For a stylish boot at a low price check out the Journee Collection Womens Regular Sized, Wide-Calf and Extra Wide-Calf Studded Knee-High Riding Boot for under $50. For an extra toasty cold weather boot check out DREAM PAIRS Women’s Winter Fully Fur Lined Zipper Closure Snow Knee High Boots (Wide-Calf) also for under $50.

Can’t Find Extended Wide Calf Boots You Like?

You can buy a smaller calf boot and have the too-tight shaft enlarged. Have a shoemaker add a piece of elastic next to the zipper on the inner calf. This is a good option if you find a great pair of boots for a great price but they are just a little too snug in the calf.

Plus Size Fall Clothes: Six Lifesavers

Hooray, it’s fall! Time for us to follow Mother Nature’s clue and shed our poor self esteem images and get ready to bundle ourselves up against the ravages of winter. But don’t just run out and start buying a new wardrobe of plus size fall clothes.

Lifesavers for Plus Size Fall Clothes

Avoid that compelling urge to buy the newest, trendiest plus size clothes that the retail world has to offer for fall. Instead, just make sure you have what you need for fall including these six lifesavers that will get you through the colder months:

  • Knee high wide calf leather boots — There is nothing warmer and dryer than a good pair of boots. The good news is that retailers are starting to realize that some of us have VERY curvaceous calfs and that we may, or may not, have a wide foot. Here are a few of our favorite online retailers for boots with extra wide calfs:

    The cost of a good pair of wide calf leather boots is about $90-200. Sounds like a lot of money; but, if you care for them well, they should last you 5-10 years.

  • Silky underwear — We’re not talking about skimpy little silky bras and panties. We’re talking about 2-piece set – a top and pants with long sleeves and long legs – to provide insulation in the cold, wick away any moisture and yet keep you toasty warm. These separates are also very handy for sleeping and for wearing under wool sweaters, minimizing any itch and slowing down the need for sweater hand washing. They may just what you need under your plus size fall clothes as the season blends into winter.

    Check out our favorite, the Cuddl Duds line, available from Amazon, Just My Size (JMS) and Kohl’s. They are about $25-35 a piece; but, like good boots, they will last for years.
  • Wide width socks — Here’s the bottomline on socks: We curvy ladies have curvy feet and ankles. Why hassle with tight socks? Give your ankles, arches and toes some room to move. Walmart, JMS and Lane Bryant have a growing assortment of size 10-13 socks for women. The problem: These socks are longer; but, not necessarily wider in the foot or bottom leg. So, instead, consider men’s socks. They are longer and wider than women’s, they cost less and are available in lots of colors and styles (check out the great holiday socks at Target!). Prices vary.
  • Bike length Lycra® shorts — Does your plus size fall clothes wardrobe include legwear? Curvy hips usually mean that pantyhose and tights tend to start a fast slip down the hips as soon as you put them on and would be around your knees if you don’t tug them up throughout the day. Solution: Wear a pair of knee length bike shorts over your pantyhose and tights. They keep everything from slipping down (even if you wear slippery nylon panties!), they tuck in your tummy and they keep you warm. You can buy a pair for under $15 at Amazon or Walmart and toss them after 6 months if the waistbands start to pull out. Or, you can “investment dress” and buy a super well-made pair that will last you for many years from Amazon or ChampionUSA.com.
  • Warm coat – Large size, stylish coats are very hard to find. So, we tend to settle on a utilitarian ugly coat that either keeps us warm or dry – but not both. Website and catalog retailers now have a terrific assortment of beautiful coats. Some of our favorite faux furs, raincoats, swing coats and car coats are from the Dennis Basso coats on QVC and the more casual coats on Ulla Popken, Catherines and WomenWithin. Costs range from about $75 up. Tip: Don’t scrimp here. This is true investment dressing. Look for a coat that is multi-purpose (zip in/out liner, button on/off hood, etc.) to get maximum wear from your coat through cooler fall weather and the cold winter.
  • Black pants – Why black pants? They seem to be the perfect starting point for any outfit. When you don’t know how dressy or casual to dress, start with black pants + a solid top + a great shoe + two sets of jewelry in your purse (one casual and one with a little dressy sparkle if you need it!). So, needless to say, you should consider having several pairs of black pants!!

Open up that closet door. Do a little end-of-season clearing and get out your fall lifesavers. Have a great (and cozy!) fall.

Plus Size Clothes: Are You Wearing the Right Size?

It is getting easier to find plus size clothes in stores, online and in catalogs. It is about time! Finding clothes as a plus size woman has never been easy. The result: We curvy bodies have spent all these years trying to find clothes we like and can afford in our size.

But, now that apparel shopping is no longer one big scavenger hunt, did you ever stop to think that you might be wearing the wrong size? I’m willing to bet you are … whether you know it or not.

Women, more so than men, have been jamming themselves into too small sizes or buying or sewing or crocheting clothes that are so voluminous that their curves get lost in the fabric. We need to take better care of ourselves fashion wise.

Here are a few places to start …

Sizing of Plus Size Clothes

Bras: It’s time to resize!

Fact: Over 2/3 of US women are wearing the wrong size bra. Probably almost another 1/3 is wearing the wrong style bra. Here a few of the pitfalls we fall into:

  • We just keep buying the same size and style.
  • We know the band is too tight; but, we can’t find a larger band in our store.
  • We think a bra is supposed to be 3″ away from our chest bone in the center!
  • We have learned to accept falling straps as a fact of life.

We may have started out with the right size or type; but, a 10-pound change in weight, a lot of bra washings and back elastics that weaken with age have turned these previously structurally-intact marvels into fabric patches with straps.

Listen up ladies. Get yourself a tape measure. Put on your best-fitting bra. Measure at the fullest point and around the bottom of the bra band under the cups. Important Tip: Bra sizing (bands AND cups) is not consistent between bra manufacturers. Read the sizing instructions for the bra you are considering. Check the measurements they give against your two measurements to get your perfect fit. You might wear a 50DD in one bra and a 52D in another.

Don’t shy away from an underwire bra if you are wearing a C cup or larger. There is no reason for a well-fitting underwire bra to poke you. Check out the Grand Style bra size calculator and sizing tips.

Separates and Dresses: What size are you wearing?

The sign of a garment that fits is not just that you can zipper, or button, and continue to breath! Well-fitting clothes allow several inches of ease between your body and the clothes. Your clothes should not be tight and, they should not be oversized.

Some women continue to wear the same size until the zipper won’t zip. I bet half of you are wearing a jacket that’s too small and you just think the arms are too short. Or, that you know you need the larger size; but, your favorite stores don’t carry a larger size (many stores only sell sizes up to size 26 or 3X.).

Get out there and enjoy the newly expanding world of larger sizes — with sizes to 6X or 7X now readily available online.

Once you figure out your REAL SIZE, you can buy from the retailers online. For extreme savings you can use eBay to purchase the overstocks of your favorite online stores and resell them on eBay. Just bid on your favorite brand names. Tip: For new clothes just look for items where the tags are still attached!)

Don’t like your real size? Buy your correct size and cut out the tags. You should wear what looks and feels good. You deserve it!

Shoes: Are your shoes wide enough?

For years we’ve been told to wear a longer shoe in order to get a wider shoe or a wider calf. Many of us have never had access to shoes wider than a C width.

But wider widths are becoming more of a necessity. As we get older and spend more time in sandals, our feet tend to spread out. And don’t forget that as your body adds pounds, your legs and feet also add weight. AvenuePayless Shoe Source and WideWidths.com are great sources of shoes and boots in wider widths and longer lengths.

Legwear: Are your socks/tights/pantyhose/knee highs the right size?

Hosiery sizing is based on your height and weight. Most of us know how tall we are (or aren’t!). But, most of us don’t really know how much we weight. Or, we use our “driver’s license weight” to determine our legwear size. This often results in legwear that doesn’t fit correctly.

Stop punishing yourself with tights and pantyhose that slide down to your knees as soon as you pull them on. Hosiery is now available in sizes up to 7X. Check out Just My Size, Lane Bryant and Catherines.

And for all of us with feet wider than B and longer than a size 9, please stop buying those size 9-11 socks and wearing those boring men’s socks! Just My Size is just one of many places making heavenly women’s socks in size 10-13. Your toes and ankles will finally have room to move with joy and you won’t have to settle for boring brown and black socks.

Watches: Are you still wearing a 7½” watchband on an 8+” wrist?

Your watch band should not feel like a tourniquet! You should be able to stick your finger under your watchband and easily wiggle it around. If you can’t, your watchband is too tight and you should replace it with a longer strap.

Finding a longer leather strap is easy — just look on the men’s side of the watch strap display at your local store. Finding a longer expansion band is harder; but, you can always have your jeweler add enough links in the strap to achieve the length you need.

Bottomline: Know what size you need and wear it!