6 Reasons You Need Bike Shorts

Do you still have a pair of bike shorts, those leg hugging, poly/Spandex exercise shorts that were de rigeur in all the gyms until about ten years ago? Or, did you trade them out of your wardrobe for yoga pants?

You might want to consider getting them back into your wardrobe.

Bike Shorts: A Fashion Necessity

Here are six reasons why bike shorts are still one of the best fashion accessories that a plus size woman can have:

Bike shorts:

  1. Are a great way to prevent thigh chafing. Their smooth feel stops the friction that can cause irritation and chafing. Try a pair under your flowing skirt or dress during the hot weather.
  2. Hold up slipping panty hose and tights. Just pull them on over your panty hose or tights to avoid the need for any tugging or yanking of slipping hosiery during the day.
  3. Can stop the see through problems often experienced with thin white slacks and shorts. A light-colored bike short may be just the thing you need for a little modesty under thin fabrics.
  4. Are a great undergarment to wear under flowing dresses and skirts. Air blows and catches your skirt? No problem. Bike shorts give you the same freedom of movement that cute little six year olds have with leggings under their dresses.
  5. Make a great swim bottom for swimming, wading and water aerobics. You can move freely and not have to worry about your swim bottom floating up on your body.
  6. Can’t be beat for comfort as casual, at-home or sleeping apparel. Just throw on a long top that covers your tush and enjoy the comfort of the bike short’s Spandex.

Who knew that a little pair of bike shorts could do so much for plus size living?